Employment & Labour

How to comply with WorkSafeBC rules after 'reportable' incidents

Employers should be aware of their responsibilities under the law following a workplace injury, says Vancouver occupational health and safety lawyer Melanie D. Booth. Read more

Mediator offers tips for writing compelling briefs

Mediation briefs should be written for their intended audience, and that's the mediator, not the client or the opposing lawyer, says Toronto employment mediator and arbitrator Barry B. Fisher . Read more

Court ruling sends message to Transport Canada: Moreau

A recent Federal Court of Appeal decision should send a clear message to government to follow its own rules when trying to change airline passenger safety regulations, says Toronto employment lawyer Stephen Moreau. Read more

The impact of proposed changes to time off work

The Ontario government’s plan to improve workplace sick leave is good news for employees, allowing them to take time off work with less anxiety over repercussions, says Toronto employment lawyer Bram Lecker. Read more

Thin line between independent contractor and employee

Under the law, people who contract out their services to employers are seen differently than employees, and that can become painfully obvious when there’s a breakdown in the relationship, Toronto personal injury and employment lawyer Kevin Marshall tells AdvocateDaily.com. Read more

Workplace law reduces incentives for temporary hiring

The provincial government’s new workplace law makes temporary workers less attractive to employers, Markham, Ont.-based employment lawyer Laura Williams tells The Lawyers Daily. Read more

Bill 148 set to shake up temporary work rules

Ontario’s new workplace law could force a big change in the way companies use temporary workers, Toronto employment lawyer Miriam Anbar tells The Lawyers Daily. Read more

WSIB rate framework modernization

By Laura Williams . The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (the WSIB) approved its new rate framework in November 2016 and has recently launched a public consultation on the draft policies made to support the implementation of the new rate framework. Read more

Demystifying impending employment regulations

There's been a raft of recent proposed changes to Ontario's labour and employment regulations, but Toronto employment lawyer Doug MacLeod says the good news is that compliance isn't onerous. Read more

Include a termination clause in employment agreements: Achkar

Ontario employers should present all new hires with a solid employment contract that includes an enforceable termination clause to protect themselves from costly payouts if the work relationship ends, says Toronto labour, employment, and human rights lawyer Christopher Achkar. Read more

Crackdown on employee misclassification problematic for some firms

Proposed employment law changes recently introduced by the Ontario government should give organizations that use the services of contract employees cause for concern, Markham, Ont.-based employment lawyer Laura Williams writes in the Financial Post . Read more

Employment Insurance documents – understanding your ROE

By Bram Lecker and Jordan Reiner. Employment Insurance documents – your Record of Employment (ROE) Read more

More changes to Ontario’s employment laws

By Doug MacLeod . The dog days of summer are coming to an end but the government keeps making changes to Ontario’s employment laws. Read more

Fixed-term contracts must be 'future-proofed' too

By Laura Williams . Termination clauses in employment contracts must be valid at any point in the employment relationship. If a termination clause could breach the Employment Standards Act, 2000 (the ESA) at some point in the future, the clause is void and unenforceable even if the dismissed employee receives all necessary entitlements under the ESA at the time of termination. Read more

Dispelling myths around recording conversations, summary dismissal

In recent posts on his Canadian HR law blog, Toronto-area employment lawyer and mediator Stuart Rudner discussed the issue of whether employees should record a conversation with a colleague or superior and some of the myths and misconceptions around accommodation and dismissal. Read more