Employment & Labour

Employers need to understand new obligations under Bill 148

Employers will have to update their employment contracts to keep pace with the changes that accompany the Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act , Toronto labour and employment lawyer Christopher Achkar tells The Lawyer’s Daily . Read more

Making electronic discovery work: Rudner

When it comes to making electronic discovery work in litigation, it’s important for both sides to consult with one another early on in the process, Toronto-area employment lawyer and mediator Stuart Rudner tells Law Times . Read more

Top 10 employment law developments in 2017

By Doug MacLeod . In 2017, the provincial legislature and Ontario judges continued to change Ontario’s employment laws. These changes resulted in higher payroll costs and a more regulated workplace. This blog briefly identifies 10 employment law developments from the past year. Read more

‘Tis the season to be fired

By Bram Lecker . Everyone is imbued with the holiday spirit this time of year. Everyone it seems, except large corporate employers. In our experience during the festive season, precisely six weeks before the end of the year, more pink slips are handed out than any other period in the calendar year. They fly out like confetti at a Santa Clause parade. So once again we note, ' tis the season to be fired . Read more

Hehr apologizes, pledges to do better after new complaint from Calgary mom

OTTAWA — Disabilities Minister Kent Hehr admitted to sometimes being "brash'' and "inappropriate'' after a fresh complaint of disrespect surfaced — this one from a Calgary woman engaged in a class-action lawsuit against the federal government. Read more

Bill 148: new changes to workplace legislation

By Christopher Achkar . Employment and labour law change dynamically through case law and legislation, and recent reforms within Ontario have taken employers by storm. These changes entitle employees to higher levels of benefits than previously known. Read more

Nuanced right to refuse for provincially regulated workers

Provincial law takes a more nuanced approach than its federal counterpart when it comes to unsafe work conditions, Toronto employment lawyer Bram Lecker tells AdvocateDaily.com. Read more

ESA changes will mean higher costs for condo corporations

Condominium corporations should start factoring increased labour costs into their budgets as amendments to Ontario's Employment Standards Act come into effect in the new year, says Toronto labour and employment lawyer John De Vellis. Read more

New year, new AODA rules — is your business accessible?

By Mitchell Rose . January 1 , 2018 brings a brand new set of requirements for the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA). Read more

Smartphones in the workplace: right to disconnect

A French-style “right to disconnect” for workers is unlikely to make it onto Canadian statute books in the near future, says Toronto employment lawyer Kumail Karimjee. Read more

Faulty termination clause proves costly for employer

A recent appeal court decision shows how careful employers must be if they want their termination cases to be upheld by courts, Toronto employment lawyer Kevin Marshall tells AdvocateDaily.com. Read more

Major changes to Ontario employment law – are you ready?

By Mitchell Rose . Last summer, many Ontario employers took a collective gasp (while many employees cheered) when the government announced that minimum wage would be increasing to $15 per hour by the end of the decade. Read more

The spouse’s role in employment mediation

The best place for a plaintiff’s spouse during employment mediation is at their partner’s side, Toronto employment mediator and arbitrator Barry B. Fisher tells AdvocateDaily. Read more

What to do after being fired or laid off

When you’re fired or laid off, never accept a severance package without getting legal advice, says Toronto-area employment lawyer and mediator Stuart Rudner. Read more

Termination clause uncertainty requires mature set of principles

Although a recent Ontario Court of Appeal ruling resolved a narrow but important issue relating to termination clauses — by holding that a void/illegal termination clause cannot be saved by a general severability clause commonly found in contracts — it is also another example of a decision in an area of law fraught with uncertainty, Toronto employment lawyer Stephen Moreau writes in The Lawyer’s Daily. Read more