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Protect your reputation when facing misconduct charges: Ovsyannikov

Investigations into professional misconduct can be resolved quickly, and often without charges when the individual seeks legal counsel at the earliest possible opportunity, says Vaughan employment lawyer Dennis Ovsyannikov . Read more

Totally disabled employees entitled to LTD benefits, termination pay

By Doug MacLeod . If you are totally disabled and collecting disability benefits from an LTD insurer, did you know that your employer may also owe you up to 34 weeks termination and severance pay? How can this be you may ask? Read more

Frustration of contract may be claimed by employees

By Laura Williams . When an employee is on a long-term or indefinite medical leave of absence, many employers find themselves wondering what to do. It can be challenging for employers to understand when they can end the employment relationship of an employee on a medical leave without violating the Human Rights Code . Read more

Five years doing zilch gets lawsuit booted for delay

By Barry B. Fisher . In this case , the master dealt with a wrongful dismissal action where the employee was fired in 2011. The lawsuit was started in 2013, two days before the expiry of the limitation period. The pleadings were completed within one year and then nothing happened until 2018 when the registrar dismissed the case for delay. Read more

Older workers short-changed by employment laws

Older workers are getting a raw deal in the workplace, says Toronto employment lawyer Bram Lecker . Read more

Limitation periods: Achkar

By Christopher Achkar . The merits of your case are important, but respecting limitation periods is paramount. If you file your claim too late – it may be thrown out. Read more

Seek legal advice, take your time with severance offers

Terminated employees should not feel pressured into accepting a severance package, says Vaughan labour and employment lawyer Arthur Zeilikman . Read more

Employers have duty to act before workplace bullying starts: Low

In the final instalment of a two-part series on bullying at work, Toronto employment lawyer Ellen Low discusses employer obligations and the results of a recent study. Read more

Recourse for employees who aren’t paid on time

Toronto employment lawyer Mackenzie Irwin says employees who aren’t being paid on time have a number of options to remedy the situation. Read more

Seasons change and so do employment laws

By Stuart Rudner . Employers will be forgiven if they are tired of hearing about “changes to employment laws.” As Rudner Law discussed in our 2018 Year in Review , we have seen significant changes in several jurisdictions in recent times. Read more

Tread carefully with non-competition clauses: Hawryliw

Employers should take care when drawing up non-competition clauses because they can be difficult to enforce, says Barrie employment lawyer Scott Hawryliw . Read more

Nova Scotia human rights board awards nearly $600,000 for racist discrimination

HALIFAX — A human rights board has ordered the City of Halifax to pay almost $600,000 in damages after a former bus mechanic suffered racist discrimination. Read more

The termination letter: Lecker

By Bram Lecker and Jordan Reiner . If you have just lost your job , do not sign the termination letter or release until an employment lawyer has vetted the documents properly for you. Any experienced lawyer will offer this solid advice because these documents are legally binding. Read more

Ontario’s new employer-friendly employment laws

By Doug MacLeod . Some recent changes in the law make Ontario’s employment laws more employer-friendly – especially for small businesses. This blog discusses five of these changes. Read more

Medical cannabis use at work – know the facts

When it comes to the use of medicinal cannabis at work, there’s still a great deal of misinformation concerning employee rights and employer obligations, says Toronto employment lawyer Amelia Phillips . Read more