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Seek legal advice with addictions in the workplace: Irwin

Employers need legal guidance when dealing with addictions in the workplace as case law is continually developing in this area, says Toronto employment lawyer Mackenzie Irwin. Read more

Exploring legal options for pay-equity complaints

Comparators are key to pay-equity claims, says Toronto employment lawyer Bram Lecker. Read more

Do all arbitration clauses in employment agreements violate the ESA?

By Barry B. Fisher In this case, the judge was faced with a motion by the defendants to stay the action as the employment contract had an arbitration clause that said as follows: Read more

Strike the right chord when starting a union: Ovsyannikov

Forming a workplace union can have its benefits, but it’s vital to ensure the proper procedures are followed during the process, says Vaughan employment lawyer Dennis Ovsyannikov. Read more

Digital charter strengthens combat on hate speech: Howden

The introduction of a new Canadian digital charter to combat hate speech, protect online privacy and battle fake news is timely, says Toronto employment lawyer Deborah Howden. Read more

Frustration of contract: Williams

By Laura Williams The doctrine of frustration of contract is one which many employers struggle with when it comes to determining whether or not they are justified in ending an employment relationship. Read more

Maternity leave rights must be followed: MacLeod

Employees returning from maternity leave must be given their former job back, or if it no longer exists, a comparable position, though there are some exceptions to that rule, says Toronto employment lawyer Doug MacLeod. Read more

Judgment opens reasonable notice debate for fired workers

A judgment dealing with reasonable notice for long-serving workers has takeaways for employers and employees, says Toronto employment lawyer Ellen Low. Read more

MacDonald addresses Commons committee on military harassment

The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) must do more to protect its female members from discrimination and harassment, says Toronto employment lawyer Natalie MacDonald. Read more

Toxic workplaces a ‘lose-lose’ proposition for employers

Employers have economic and legal incentives to prevent toxic workplaces, says Toronto employment lawyer Soma Ray-Ellis. Read more

Decision a cautionary tale to employers to follow protocol

Employers who ignore or dismiss complaints in the workplace may pay a steep price in the courts for doing so, says Toronto employment lawyer John Donkor. Read more

Punished at work: Achkar

By Christopher Achkar Getting punished at work for asserting an employee’s rights happens all too often at workplaces around the country. Read more

Opioid addiction recognized as disability under the Code

Employers have to be mindful of their obligations under the Ontario Human Rights Code when terminating someone, even if it seems like a “slam-dunk cause case,” says Vaughan labour and employment lawyer Arthur Zeilikman. Read more

Employee stock options: proposed changes to preferential tax treatment

By Mackenzie Irwin On June 17, 2019 Canadian Finance Minister Bill Morneau released draft legislation that proposes changes impacting the preferential tax treatment of employee stock options. Read more

Ontario Court of Appeal rejects tort of harassment

Just because Ontario's highest court has ruled that the tort of harassment does not exist, doesn’t mean there aren’t options available to wronged parties, says Toronto employment lawyer John De Vellis. Read more