Still time to get New Year's goals back on track, aligned: Dewhirst

January and February can be a discouraging time for law professionals, who might see the goals they set for their practices at the beginning of the year already slipping beyond their grasp, says Toronto lawyer and coach Kate Dewhirst. Read more

The big picture: life as a school board trustee

Those considering running for the office of school trustee in 2018 should understand the mandate of a school board, the role of an individual trustee and the board of trustees as a whole, says education and employment lawyer Sheila MacKinnon. Read more

Women on corporate boards: a worthy mission

Acting as a director on her first corporate board has had a positive domino effect for Windsor employment and education lawyer Sheila MacKinnon. Read more

Bill 68 would modernize municipal councils, school boards

New legislation under consideration in Ontario would allow more flexibility for those seeking elected office, says Windsor public law lawyer Sheila MacKinnon. Read more

Should service dogs be allowed in schools?

Requests to have service dogs in schools are becoming increasingly challenging and comple... Read more

Students with special needs aged 18 and older falling between the cracks

School boards and parents are grappling with a gap in services for children with special needs between the... Read more

Internet use at schools must be monitored to ensure safety

As schools continue to evolve with technology by offering expanded wi-fi access and more digital educational tools, it’s important to also stay up to date with rules around appropriate use of these devices, says education lawyer Sheila MacKinnon. Read more

NOTL's last elementary school to close: Divisional Court

An Ontario Divisional Court has upheld a school board decision to close Niagara-on-the-Lake’s last elementary school in a ruling that acknowledges how difficult and heart wrenching such closures can be for communities, says education lawyer Sheila MacKinnon , a partner with Shibley Righton LLP. Read more

Workshop to outline guidelines, policies protecting students

Education lawyer Sheila MacKinnon will present a workshop on the regulations and policies in place to protect students at the upcoming Ontario Public School Boards’ Association annual general meeting. Read more

Dress code rules unlikely to be black and white: MacKinnon

The creation of a school dress code requires the often delicate balance between the right to freely express oneself and the need for school environments to be respectful and appropriate, says education lawyer Sheila MacKinnon. Read more

Law to require schools to permit asthmatic kids to keep inhalers

TORONTO – Asthma advocates believe Ontario is set to become the first province in which children can legally carry their inhalers with them at school. Read more

Administrators looking to use personal info must consult privacy laws

A Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta decision highlights the fact that school administrators should consult privacy law experts before using documents containing personal information, says Windsor education lawyer Bryce Chandler. Read more

High school dare costs B.C. parents more than $48,000

A recent British Columbia Supreme Court decision involving a $48,000 prank highlights the fact that a "kids will be kids" argument does not absolve students from behaving inappropriately at school, says Windsor education lawyer Bryce Chandler. Read more

Transgender guidelines helpful to schools, staff, students

New guidelines released by the Nova Scotia government to help schools, staff and students support transgender and gender non-conforming students are certain to help stakeholders navigate difficult situations in the future, says education lawyer Sheila MacKinnon. Read more