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DivorceMate's Precedents feature comes to the cloud

By Staff

Ontario and B.C. users of DivorceMate Software Inc. can now access all of its programs' features wherever and whenever they want, says Canadian legal software supplier Michael Perlman.

The recent launch of the company’s Precedents beta package on the DM Cloud computing platform — providing a quick and easy way to create family law agreements — means that all three of DivorceMate’s flagship products are now available to users wherever they can find an internet connection, company president Perlman tells

“A great feature of the cloud is that you can work from anywhere, at any time — whether you’re at the cottage or in the coffee shop,” he says.

The launch of Precedents follows the previous migration to DM Cloud of its popular Forms feature, for the creation of court documents, and Tools product, which helps family lawyers come up with calculations for spousal and child support.

Perlman says Divorcemate's shift was vital, considering the changing way law is practised today, particularly by younger lawyers.

“In this day and age, people want flexibility. With DM Cloud, you can work from home in the morning for a few hours or in the evening after the children are in bed — you don't have to be tied to a desktop in the office,” he says. “The mobility and convenience that comes with the cloud is a huge selling point.”

In the coming years, Perlman says DivorceMate aims to migrate existing users from the older desktop version to DM Cloud. For a limited time, licences for the cloud product will be available to all current annual subscribers of the desktop version at no extra cost.

“We want the move to the cloud to be as seamless as possible, with minimal effort for users,” says Perlman, noting that the process takes less than two minutes to set up and requires no software downloads or installations.

“Because it’s all browser-based, DM Cloud runs on any device, and all updates are done automatically,” he adds.

The transition will be made all the easier because of the way the cloud version of Precedents mimics DivorceMate’s long-standing desktop version, including a similar check-box format for the creation of common family law documents such as separation agreements and marriage contracts, he says.

Perlman and his team are also working on a conversion program that will allow users to transfer some basic merge information, such as names and dates, from desktop files into the cloud.

In the new cloud version, the Precedents product retains its database of hundreds of family law clauses that have made it an essential part of many lawyers’ practices. Each one comes annotated, with commentary outlining any relevant legal issues or pertinent information, Perlman says.

Further additions to the DM Cloud Precedents are planned in the near future, with a focus on mediation and collaborative documents like parenting co-ordination agreements, he says. Users will also be able to add, edit and save their own clauses for future use in the program.

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