Criminal Law

Lavalin case underscores need to clarify AG's role: Rosen

OTTAWA — The criminal law at the heart of the SNC-Lavalin saga dogging the federal Liberals has led to charges in just seven cases in 20 years, leading some to call for a review of the legislation and additional resources for investigators. Read more

More support needed for offenders with mental health issues

Barring violent offenders from programs designed to help individuals with mental health issues is doing more harm than good, Toronto criminal lawyer John Fennel tells Read more

Oland 'shattered' main pillars of Crown's case: Hicks

Dennis Oland proved to be a highly effective witness in his own defence, tearing down the major arguments in the Crown’s case, Toronto criminal lawyer Christopher Hicks tells Read more

Sentence reduction in heroin case an important precedent

A recent Court of Appeal decision to reduce her client's sentence to time served provides a valuable precedent for those facing charges related to drug trafficking, Toronto criminal lawyer Jessica Zita tells Read more

Past history in sex assault cases a matter of context: Izadi

The Crown wants to have it both ways when it comes to the admission of evidence regarding a complainant’s past history with the accused, Toronto criminal lawyer Melody Izadi tells Read more

Revised impaired driving law likely to trigger appeals: Grey

New legislation granting police more discretion during roadside checks could soon face court challenges, Alberta Indigenous rights litigator Leighton Grey tells Read more

Treating someone as a criminal perpetuates vicious circle of crime: Goldlist

Society’s branding of someone as a criminal becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy because offenders seldom get second chances, says Toronto criminal lawyer Jordana Goldlist. Read more

Civil suit connected to Meng's extradition strategy: Neuberger

A notice of civil claim filed by Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou alleging serious violations of her constitutional rights is “ an oblique attack on the extradition process” she is facing, Toronto criminal lawyer Joseph Neuberger tells 900CHML Radio . Read more

No evidence to prove gun bans work: Dostaler

A handgun ban will not reduce crime, and it may even encourage the growth of the illegal ownership of these weapons, Ottawa criminal lawyer Céline Dostaler tells A . Read more

SNC-Lavalin, Meng cases take unnecessary course — off the tracks

By Dr. Gary Botting for . The SNC-Lavalin controversy arose from a simple but fundamental misunderstanding on the part of Jody Wilson-Raybould as to the role of the attorney general/minister of justice (AG/MOJ) in the interface between the cabinet of which she was a part, and the bureaucracy of the government department for which she held the portfolio. Read more

Meng's 'rights were violated' by border services: Botting

VANCOUVER — The defence team for Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou has filed a notice of civil claim alleging "serious violations'' of her constitutional rights, accusing officers of detaining and questioning her for three hours before notifying her of her arrest. Read more

Oland defence team to explore toxicology results: Hicks

Alcohol detected in his slain father’s body during autopsy could prove pivotal to Dennis Oland’s defence, says Toronto criminal lawyer Christopher Hicks. Read more

Pardons for cannabis possession strikes reasonable balance: Conron

No-cost pardons and record suspensions are a step toward recognizing that criminal stigma is not warranted for cannabis possession charges, London criminal lawyer Carolynn Conron tells . Read more

Defence needs equal access to forensic process: Dale

It’s time to end the police “monopoly” on the Centre of Forensic Sciences (CFS), Toronto criminal lawyer and civil litigator Laurelly Dale writes in The Lawyer’s Daily . Read more

Secrecy trips up feds in SNC-Lavalin affair: Rosen

Secrecy has been the downfall of the federal government in its approach to the SNC-Lavalin affair, Toronto criminal lawyer John Rosen tells Read more