Criminal Law

Griffiths drawn to assisting those in difficult situations

When criminal lawyer Joanne Griffiths enrolled in university, she intended to become a doctor, specifically a psychiatrist who could assist people in challenging, stressful situations. Read more

Gun debate typifies historic tension between freedom, safety

Handgun bans infringe on the civil liberties of law-abiding citizens while doing nothing to prevent violent, predatory crime, says Calgary criminal lawyer Greg Dunn. Read more

Rape shield amendments interfere with access to justice

A recent case illustrates how amendments to the rape shield provisions of the Criminal Code have “thrown criminal litigation into insane disarray,” says Toronto criminal lawyer Joseph Neuberger. Read more

Bans fail to address root issues behind gun violence

Handgun bans are not the solution to violent crime because they chiefly affect law-abiding citizens, says Toronto criminal lawyer Jordana Goldlist. Read more

Considering a plea deal begins with the client: Daviau

A client's intentions must be top of mind when advising whether to accept a plea deal, says Toronto criminal lawyer Lindsay Daviau. Read more

Reasonable steps requirement weakens presumption of innocence

A dissenting Supreme Court (SCC) judge was right to declare unconstitutional a section of the internet child-luring law that essentially obliges the accused to prove their innocence, says Toronto criminal lawyer Melody Izadi. Read more

Legal Aid cuts penny wise but pound foolish: Fennel

Cuts to Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) will lead to unjust convictions as more defendants are forced to go unrepresented, Toronto criminal lawyer John Fennel says. Read more

Scruton rewarded by an early fascination with Charter

Kamloops criminal lawyer Lisa Mae Scruton set off on the path to her future career at an earlier age than most. Read more

Video voyeurism ruling glimpses at new reality of communicating

A decision by Ontario's top court to uphold a voyeurism conviction of a man who secretly took screenshots of his then-girlfriend in sexually provocative poses during video chats illustrates "a tension in the law that we will start seeing more of," especially as intimate relationships become more intertwined and dependent upon technology and the sharing of media, says Toronto criminal lawyer Jessica Zita. Read more

'Good luck' trying to charge guillotine protesters: Stilman

Demonstrators’ use of a fake guillotine to protest planned cuts by the Ontario government should be seen more as “political theatre” than a threat to Premier Doug Ford, Toronto criminal lawyer Jacob Stilman tells the National Post . Read more

Avoid never-ending tournament, create different career path

Law students should consider taking the career path less travelled, Toronto criminal lawyer Ryan Handlarski suggests in an article penned for Law Times . Read more

Oland defence team presented more 'persuasive' arguments

Veteran Toronto criminal lawyer Christopher Hicks predicts Dennis Oland will be acquitted in the slaying of his millionaire father Richard, prompting a Crown appeal of the decision. Read more

Public fear over criminals changing their name 'overblown'

Even the rarest combination of a name and sex change will not provide anonymity to notorious offenders in Canada, Toronto criminal lawyer Laurelly Dale tells The Lawyer’s Daily . Read more

Second opinion in criminal cases can help the accused

A second set of trained eyes on a criminal investigation can boost a defendant’s case, says Toronto-area private detective Jim Downs. Read more

Wisdom through experience helps to better serve clients

Nearing his 76th birthday in a profession that acknowledges the value of age and experience, British Columbia criminal lawyer Dr. Gary Botting says he is hitting his "stride." Read more