Criminal Law

Fennel lauds man who fought pre-meeting searches by police

Toronto criminal lawyer John Fennel says he appreciates the man who won his challenge of the constitutionality of the Toronto Police chief’s claim that officers could conduct warrantless searches of people before public police board meetings. Read more

A 13-year-old cannot be tried as an adult for murder

It’s rare — though not unheard of — for a serious charge such as first-degree murder to be laid against a 13-year-old, Toronto criminal lawyer Joseph Neuberger tells Global News . Read more

Facing an LSO investigation with counsel is critical: Daviau

Lawyers should never face a Law Society of Ontario (LSO) investigation without counsel, says Toronto criminal lawyer Lindsay Daviau. Read more

Court strikes indeterminate sentence for Botting's client

British Columbia criminal lawyer Gary Botting fought successfully to strike the indeterminate sentence placed on his client following a recent B.C. Court of Appeal ruling. Read more

Writing a compelling, effective factum for an appeal

Writing in a compelling manner that is straight to the point is a necessary art in crafting an appellate factum, Toronto criminal lawyer Melanie Webb tells Read more

OCA grants absolute discharge for NCR man detained for 10 years

After spending more than 10 years in psychiatric hospitals for making harassing phone calls, a non-violent man has been granted an absolute discharge by the Ontario Court of Appeal (OCA), says Toronto criminal lawyer Jill Presser , who acted as a friend of the court in the matter. Read more

Drug-impaired driving will pose challenges for courts: Dostaler

With marijuana set to become legal this fall, a shortfall of police officers trained to tackle drug-impaired driving may lead to testing delays, making it more difficult to prove someone was impaired while driving, Ottawa criminal lawyer Céline Dostaler tells CBC. Read more

Izadi champions rights of criminal accused

Fairness and the rule of law have always been important to Toronto criminal lawyer Melody Izadi. Read more

OK to ask for ID but searches without cause a problem: Hicks

Pride Toronto’s decision to allow festival-goers to openly carry alcohol beyond patios and beer gardens if they buy a special wristband and agree to the possibility of a random check of their bag and ID is eyebrow-raising, Toronto criminal lawyer Christopher Hicks tells Vice News . Read more

No-nonsense criminal lawyer Dostaler tells it how it is

Don’t ask Ottawa criminal lawyer Céline Dostaler to sugarcoat the truth. Read more

More lawyers needed in political office: Dale

More lawyers are needed in political office so the government can draw on their legal expertise and “weigh in on the legality” of laws, Toronto criminal and civil litigator Laurelly Dale writes in The Lawyer’s Daily . Read more

May joins call for commission of inquiry into professor's extradition

By Gary Botting . Federal Green Party leader Elizabeth May has hopped on board a proposal for a commission of inquiry into the extradition case of an Ottawa professor under the Inquiries Act, reports the Ottawa Citizen . Such a commission would resemble commissions of inquiry into the wrongful convictions of Donald Marshall Jr. in Nova Scotia, Guy Paul Morin in Ontario, David Milgaard in Saskatchewan, and especially, the Inquiry into Pediatric Forensic Pathology in Ontario (the Goudge Commission.) Read more

A call for the release of PAR program data: Forstner

Domestic violence defendants are being asked to take counselling programs that are often unnecessary and can even be harmful, says Oshawa criminal lawyer Lawrence Forstner . Read more

Rodeo cowboy Dunn brings country sensibility to criminal defence

Calgary criminal lawyer Greg Dunn doesn’t concern himself with what the public thinks about his clients' guilt or innocence. Read more

Burden of proof rests with the Crown: Hicks

Toronto criminal lawyer Christopher Hicks emphasized before a jury trial in Goderich that the burden of proof rests with the Crown and there is no onus on the defence to prove anything, reports Blackburn News . Read Hamilton Spectator . London Free Press Read more