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Five burning questions surrounding marijuana legalization in Canada

Toronto criminal lawyer Jacob Stilman has a warning for Canadians facing the brave new world of legal marijuana — having a financial interest in Canada’s cannabis industry is enough to prevent you from entering the United States. Read more

Ontario law schools abdicating training responsibility: Rosen

Graduates are being left to seek out advocacy training on their own, Toronto criminal lawyer John Rosen tells Law Times — and he wishes Ontario law schools would put a greater emphasis on teaching practical skills. Read more

Why you shouldn't listen to your elders

By Ryan Handlarski . I don’t mean you shouldn’t listen to your elders ever, but when it comes to entrepreneurship, you should be very skeptical about the advice you get from elders, particularly from the Baby Boomer generation. If you are a lawyer that is considering going out on your own in criminal law, you should be very reluctant to follow the advice of a Baby Boomer, even one that is successful. Rejecting their advice is hard to do for reasons that I will explain. Read more

Bail granted to man accused of swimming naked with sharks

The British Columbia man accused of skinny-dipping in a shark tank at Ripley’s Aquarium has been released on bail and is looking forward to dealing with his legal issues in court, Toronto criminal lawyer Blair Drummie tells CTV News . Read Toronto Sun Toronto Star CTV Read more

Goldlist and Zero-Gun Violence Movement connect to find solutions

Toronto criminal lawyer Jordana Goldlist is drawing on her experience as trial counsel and firearms owner to work with a group trying to end the city’s gun violence. Read more

Mentoring in Ryerson University’s Law Practice Program ultimately rewarding

Mentoring law-school graduates at Ryerson University’s Law Practice Program (LLP) has been surprising, exhausting, but ultimately extremely satisfying, for Toronto criminal lawyer Melanie Webb. Read more

Cannabis impaired driving – new laws present new challenges

By Jacob Stilman . Unless you have been residing in a cryogenic chamber for the past two years, you know that Oct. 17, 2018 is going to be a red-letter (green-letter?) day for cannabis consumers. Read more

Stay serves setback to cops who delay right to counsel: Neuberger

Police who delay an arrested person's right to counsel have suffered another setback in Ontario Superior Court after Toronto criminal lawyer Joseph Neuberger recently won a stay of charges against a man caught with a backpack full of stolen opioids. Read more

Ending LAO's alternative fee arrangement pilot a misguided move: Hicks

Legal Aid Ontario’s plan to eliminate an invaluable alternative billing method for law firms is a misguided step into the past, Toronto criminal lawyer Christopher Hicks tells The Lawyer's Daily . Read more

Pre-trial lockdowns now a factor in sentencing, says Handlarski

Time spent in lockdowns at an Ontario detention centre is rightfully becoming a significant factor in sentencing, Toronto criminal lawyer Ryan Handlarski tells the CBC. Read more

Analyzing constructive or destructive approaches to cross-examinations: Smith

Lawyers should consider using either a constructive or destructive approach when cross-examining witnesses, says Toronto criminal defence lawyer Tyler Smith. Read more

Feds' new laws will undermine rights of an accused: Smith

In a "misguided" attempt to fix the criminal justice system, the federal government is on the verge of undermining the fair trial rights of defendants, says Toronto criminal lawyer David Smith. Read more

Dad furious, PM rapped over transfer of girl's killer to healing lodge

The father of a raped and murdered eight-year-old girl said on Wednesday the transfer of one of her killers to a prison ``healing lodge'' has sparked widespread anger and needs to be reversed, while the federal government said it would review the decision. Read more

Pot smokers should proceed with caution post Oct. 17: Izadi

Canadian cannabis consumers should be cautious after marijuana laws change Oct. 17 because new police powers and the validity of impairment testing equipment both have yet to be tested in court, says Toronto criminal lawyer Melody Izadi. Read more

Charges for virtual crimes growing in digital era

It may be fun and exciting for couples to photograph each other during intimate moments, but Ottawa criminal lawyer Céline Dostaler says those who do run the risk of facing criminal charges if the photos are published online. Read more