Criminal Law

How to approach plea-bargain negotiations: a guide for new lawyers

While plea negotiations should be part of every criminal defence case, law schools provide only an academic sense of how they’re conducted, and offer little practical guidance, says Ottawa criminal lawyer Céline Dostaler. Read more

Oland retrial swings in favour of defence: Hicks

The momentum in the second-degree murder retrial of Dennis Oland in the brutal beating death of his multimillionaire father has taken a turn — one which “favours” the defence, says Toronto criminal lawyer Christopher Hicks , who has decades of experience in defending clients accused of homicide. Read more

Australia should be therapeutic jurisprudence role model for Canada

In the third instalment of a four-part series, Oshawa criminal lawyer Lawrence Forstner examines what makes Australia a leader in therapeutic jurisprudence. Read more

Waiving prelim can be effective in the right case: Smith

Forgoing a preliminary inquiry, and heading straight to trial, can be the correct call under the right circumstances, says Toronto criminal defence lawyer Tyler Smith , who recently secured his client an acquittal in a shooting case using that strategy. Read more

Driver's guilty plea in Humboldt crash demonstrates 'remorse': Hicks

A semi-truck driver's guilty plea to all 29 charges stemming from a devastating collision with a bus carrying the Humboldt Broncos junior hockey team will be a significant factor in his sentencing, Toronto criminal lawyer Christopher Hicks tells . Read CTV Read more

Reduce recidivism, justice system costs with therapeutic jurisprudence

In the second instalment of a four-part series, Oshawa criminal lawyer Lawrence Forstner examines the concept of therapeutic jurisprudence. Read more

Weigh costs, benefits when choosing a law school: Handlarski

Toronto criminal lawyer Ryan Handlarski has a message for students — graduating with a manageable debt should be more important than the name of the law school on your diploma. Read more

Drug acquittal a lesson in due diligence: Smith

If you take a rigorous approach and advance every possible defence, good things can happen, says Toronto criminal defence lawyer Tyler Smith , who recently secured his client an acquittal in a drug case that seemed insurmountable at the outset. Read more

Parole denial violates man's Charter rights: Botting

An Iranian immigrant denied parole may be the victim of a racist system, British Columbia criminal lawyer Gary Botting tells . Read more

Dale to police: start dialogue to break cycle of distrust

Two reports that address “systemic racism” within the Thunder Bay Police Service (TBPS) should be viewed as a call to action to build trust with Indigenous people, Toronto criminal lawyer Laurelly Dale tells The Lawyer’s Daily . Read more

New law school should be seen as opportunity for innovation: Rosen

A new Toronto law school should include a centre of study to develop lawyers and solutions for the 21st century, says Toronto criminal lawyer John Rosen . Read more

SCC to examine Charter protection in firearms, drug case

A dissenting Ontario Court of Appeal judge may have broken new ground in defining the privacy rights of citizens outside their homes, says Calgary criminal lawyer Greg Dunn . Read more

Add more bite to police watchdog mandate: Zita

The Ontario Special Investigations Unit (SIU) needs to be more transparent in order to gain and maintain public trust, Toronto criminal lawyer Jessica Zita tells . Read more

Fight against Bill C-51 just beginning: Neuberger

The legal profession will rise up to challenge the constitutionality of the federal government’s proposed Bill C-51 once it becomes law , says Toronto criminal defence lawyer Joseph Neuberger . Read more

Drunk driving acquittal highlights rare finding of police misconduct: Harnett

A client's acquittal on an impaired driving charge — because the investigating officers had no reasonable suspicion to justify a roadside breath sample — is extremely unusual in these circumstances, says Toronto criminal lawyer Aaron Harnett . Read more