Criminal Law

Rosen comes full circle with Martin Medal honour

Fearlessness, empathy, curiosity, inventiveness and the right amount of skepticism are key traits of an effective litigator, says Toronto criminal lawyer John Rosen , the 2018 recipient of the prestigious G. Arthur Martin Criminal Justice Medal. Read more

Politicizing gun violence issue 'won’t get us anywhere:' Dale

There are no simple answers to the problem of gun violence, Toronto criminal and civil litigator Laurelly Dale tells Read more

Therapeutic jurisprudence: a criminal justice revolution

In the first instalment of a four-part series examining therapeutic jurisprudence, Oshawa criminal lawyer Lawrence Forstner discusses how the way an accused is treated in court will shape their perception of the system. Read more

Oland mistrial and proceeding judge alone is 'correct' decision: Hicks

A mistrial has been declared in the retrial of Dennis Oland for the second-degree murder of his father, with the jury dismissed over police ``improprieties'' and the case to be heard by judge alone. Read more

Sentencing policy 'more informed by fiction than fact:' Fennel

Actuarial risk assessments are routinely misunderstood and misapplied by the justice system, leading to the over-incarceration of offenders, says Toronto criminal lawyer John Fennel . Read more

Tips for winning body language in the courtroom

A courtroom is in part a stage and lawyers must realize they are among the players, Toronto criminal lawyer Jill Presser tells . Read more

Withdrawn charges sound alarm about false allegations: Harnett

Toronto criminal lawyer Aaron Harnett says his client's narrow escape from a wrongful conviction in an alleged rape case — after a prosecutor's rare declaration he was "completely innocent" — should sound a warning bell about the erosion of the presumption of innocence. Read more

Criminal clients don't play golf

By Ryan Handlarski . To whoever said that “golf is a good walk spoiled” – I say amen brother! Read more

Not criminally responsible ruling misunderstood: Gadhia

TORONTO — It's "unfortunate" that some in the general public think a woman found not criminally responsible (NCR) for fatally stabbing a stranger "got off on a technicality" because that's not the case, says Toronto criminal lawyer Roots Gadhia. Read more

Seek advice of those close to gun violence: Handlarski to politicians

Toronto criminal lawyer Ryan Handlarski has some advice for the city’s new council as it grapples with a growing gun violence issue — talk to the people who deal with the problem. Read more

Conron's philosophy: give voice to the voiceless

Long before she found her calling, the signs were all there that London criminal lawyer Carolynn Conron would be a leader in the criminal defence world. Read more

Sentencing ruling sends 'clear message' on lockdowns: Igbokwe

A sentencing ruling in favour of one of her clients sends a clear message that the use of lockdowns during pretrial custody is a problem that needs addressing, says Toronto criminal lawyer Gina Igbokwe . Read more

Cannabis-intoxication cases may bog down courts

Both technical and legal uncertainty about how using marijuana may cause driving impairment threaten to hamstring the court system as lawyers put the new laws on trial, says Ottawa criminal lawyer Céline Dostaler. Read more

Alberta wildlife officers exceed powers of search and seizure: Dunn

Calgary criminal lawyer Greg Dunn says the recent withdrawal of hunting charges against his client illustrates the prevalence of unconstitutional stops and seizures by wildlife officials in Alberta. Read more

Will cannabis criminal records be expunged after legalization?

By Joseph Neuberger . Before Oct. 16, 2018, an adult possessing 30 grams of cannabis is breaking the law. If convicted of possession, that person will have a criminal record. Read more