Criminal Law

Defence needs equal access to forensic process: Dale

It’s time to end the police “monopoly” on the Centre of Forensic Sciences (CFS), Toronto criminal lawyer and civil litigator Laurelly Dale writes in The Lawyer’s Daily . Read more

Secrecy trips up feds in SNC-Lavalin affair: Rosen

Secrecy has been the downfall of the federal government in its approach to the SNC-Lavalin affair, Toronto criminal lawyer John Rosen tells Read more

What Sidney Crosby’s 2016 Stanley Cup can teach lawyers

By Ryan Handlarski . In 2015, Sidney Crosby was going through the worst slump of his career. He had 15 points in 23 games and instead of being in his usual top five spot among the NHL scoring leaders, was ranked somewhere in the hundreds. Sports writers started to write him off as going through an inevitable decline that happens with age and following injuries. Other sports reporters were saying that the Penguins should trade him while he still had some value. Advanced stats sports reporters (I love advanced stats) were showing charts that demonstrated that his decline could actually be explained by a steady decline that had started years earlier and the decline was simply proceeding as expected. Then the calendar year changed. In 2016, Crosby broke out of his slump and went on a tear. He finished the year third in NHL scoring and then won the Stanley Cup and Conn Smythe trophy as the most valuable player in the NHL playoffs. Two months later, he won MVP of the World Cup of Hockey while leading Canada to a gold medal. How could the people who had written him off have been so wrong? And what does this have to do with lawyers? Read more

SCC hearing provides hope on relationship evidence

Toronto criminal lawyer Joseph Neuberger says he is encouraged by a Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) hearing on the admissibility of relationship evidence in cases of sexual assault. Read more

SCC ruling in voyeurism case goes beyond Parliament's intent: Zita

A Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) decision in a voyeurism case involving a teacher “opens the floodgates as to what could be considered criminal behaviour,” Toronto criminal lawyer Jessica Zita tells CBC News. Read more

Presumption of innocence reaches beyond courtroom: Handlarski

The presumption of innocence is much more than a legal construct — it is a cornerstone of any civilized society, Toronto criminal lawyer Ryan Handlarski tells Canadian Lawyer . Read more

Crown's financial motive theory in Oland murder trial a 'red herring'

The Crown's pursuit of a financial motive is inconsistent with its theory of the case in the second-degree murder trial of Dennis Oland, says Toronto criminal lawyer Christopher Hicks , who has decades of experience in defending clients accused of homicide. Read more

Medical evidence on mental health can help or hinder client's case

Expert evidence on the mental health of a client can be a double-edged sword, Toronto criminal lawyer John Fennel tells Read more

Calling police first step in revenge porn cases: Zita

If intimate images of you are posted online without consent, you are possibly the victim of revenge porn and should contact police, Toronto criminal lawyer Jessica Zita tells . Read more

Serial killer McArthur handed 'sentence till death:' Hicks

TORONTO — Serial killer Bruce McArthur murdered eight men from Toronto's gay village for ``his own warped and sick gratification,'' an Ontario j udge said Friday as he sentenced the 67-year-old to life in prison with no chance of parole for 25 years. Read more

Corrections system provides a model for therapeutic jurisprudence

This is the final instalment in a four-part series on therapeutic jurisprudence by criminal lawyer Lawrence Forstner. Read more

Sentence for McArthur means he'll never be freed: Goldlist

TORONTO — Toronto's police chief says the sentence handed down Friday to serial killer Bruce McArthur means the man will never see daylight again. Read more

Access to breathalyzer logs critical to the defence: Dunn

A recent Supreme Court judgment that places limits on when the accused can have access to breathalyzer maintenance logs is disappointing, Calgary criminal lawyer Greg Dunn tells Read more

Political interference could 'trump' extradition attempt

Counsel for embattled Chinese tech executive Meng Wanzhou will rely heavily on constitutional and treaty arguments in a fight against their client’s extradition, says B.C. extradition lawyer Dr. Gary Botting , who has advised Meng’s legal team. Read more