Criminal Law

Abhorrent conditions continue to result in reduced sentences

As long as those awaiting trial are subjected to harsh conditions, judges will continue to compensate them by reducing their sentences upon conviction, says Toronto criminal lawyer Ryan Handlarski . Read more

Concerns over police using facial recognition tools 'very real'

Canadians should urge their governments to follow the lead of San Francisco and ban the use of facial recognition tools by police services, Toronto criminal lawyer Jill Presser tells The Lawyer’s Daily . Read more

Criminal appeals true test of lawyer's mettle: Dale

Arguing a criminal appeal is one of the biggest tests a lawyer will face, requiring meticulous preparation and strong advocacy skills, says Toronto criminal lawyer Laurelly Dale . Read more

LSO statement of principles likely to fall: Rosen

Ontario lawyers are already obliged to uphold the law in an unbiased and impartial manner, whether with their colleagues or the public, so it is understandable why many are upset that they have to endorse a statement of principles addressing equality, says Toronto criminal lawyer John Rosen . Read more

University tribunals are no substitute for courts

By Joseph Neuberger . The growing concern to address sexual assault allegations on university campuses has resulted in a new vigilance to investigate and litigate allegations against students and faculty with little to no protection of the accused person’s fundamental rights. Increasingly, students and faculty members accused of sexual misconduct, even absent criminal charges, are being forced to participate in pseudo-trials designed by universities. Read more

Track data for bias on youths steered clear of court

Police should be required to compile data on youths who are suspected of committing violent crimes but are diverted from the courts, says Toronto criminal lawyer John Fennel . Read more

Inconsistent policies lead to inequities in searching accused

Ontario police forces continue to conduct unnecessary strip searches despite constant criticism and admonishment from within the justice system, says Toronto criminal lawyer Roots Gadhia . Read more

Sometimes it’s prudent ‘to slow it down’ during a court case

A judge has stayed a man’s sex assault charges after Toronto criminal lawyer Lindsay Daviau argued his right to a timely trial had been infringed upon due to late disclosure. Read more

Caryma Sa'd's media roundup

Toronto landlord/tenant and criminal lawyer Caryma Sa’d is frequently called upon by the media as a trusted source for their news stories, particularly for her focus on legal issues involving cannabis and in cases of harassment. Read more

Legal Aid cuts in Ontario ‘a devastating affront to justice’

Budget cuts to Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) are an attack on the access to justice movement , Toronto criminal lawyer Jessica Zita tells The Lawyer’s Daily . Read more

Pot pardon legislation doesn’t ‘go far enough,’ says Dostaler

Impeding legislation which would grant free pardons for Canadians convicted of simple marijuana possession is a “great start” but could be better, says Ottawa criminal lawyer Céline Dostaler . Read more

Identification evidence is all about reliability: Neuberger

Juries must be very careful when assessing the reliability of eyewitness evidence, as there is a very good chance it is incorrect, says Toronto criminal lawyer Joseph Neuberger . Read more

Having a positive impact on client’s life ‘most rewarding’

His passion for defending the rights of others stems from a law course he took in high school, says Toronto criminal lawyer Mitchell Huberman . Read more

Meng extradition political poppycock: Botting

By Dr. Gary Botting for The attempted extradition of Chinese corporate executive Meng Wanzhou by the United States is entirely political. Read more

Self-reps clogging criminal courts, adding to cost: Hicks

Criminal defendants unable to afford lawyers are increasingly clogging up the court system amidst a massive misallocation of resources, says Toronto criminal defence lawyer Christopher Hicks . Read more