Advance preparation helps drive efficient business sales process

Selling a business is a significant undertaking — but by doing advance preparation in-house in collaboration with a team of advisers, owner/managers can ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible, says Toronto corporate lawyer Kobi Bessin. Read more

Legal advice during incorporation helps avoid ‘sleeper’ issues

For B.C. business owners, it may seem simple and straightforward to self-incorporate online — but as Vancouver corporate lawyer Jonathan Reilly explains, there are several critical decisions to be made during this process that will affect the company for years to come. Read more

Creative problem-solving core to Dunn’s financial practice

When Toronto financial services lawyer Timothy R. Dunn is handling a corporate restructuring or helping a company on the verge of bankruptcy, he doesn’t just think about the legal issues involved in the process — he also truly considers the people whose future will be impacted by the success or failure of the business. Read more

What does the OBCA say about your minute book?

By Anton Katz Your business must keep a minute book if it is incorporated. It’s not only good business practice, it’s also a legal obligation. Read more

Jedlinski offers personal service to entrepreneurs

Windsor corporate lawyer John Jedlinski is in it for the long haul with his clients. Read more

ADR clause preempts time, cost of shareholder litigation

There are several benefits to including a dispute resolution mechanism within a shareholders’ agreement, says Toronto business lawyer Anton Katz. Read more

Collection litigation valid option when invoice remains unpaid

Although the thought of collection litigation may seem daunting or bring negative connotations for some business owners, those who have provided a good or service deserve to be paid, says Toronto business lawyer Inga Andriessen. Read more

Lawyers play integral role when companies evaluate offers

In the early stages of the acquisition process, a trusted legal adviser can play a vital role not only in helping companies evaluate the various aspects of the offer but also in facilitating the relationship between the seller and the prospective buyer, says Toronto corporate lawyer Chaim Sapirman. Read more

Abrams finds niche in nascent cannabis law

Toronto cannabis lawyer Whitney Abrams knows she is on the cutting edge of something big. Read more

Back to school, back to business

By Inga Andriessen Ah, the day after Labour Day. It used to mean new teachers and new school supplies, but these days, as a business lawyer, it means our clients are now focussing on their business and finally getting back to the things we recommended they do back in June. Read more

Timely legal advice for startups key to avoiding pitfalls

For new business owners, seeking legal advice at the outset on everything from shareholders’ agreements to intellectual property rights can be a crucial step in order to avoid headaches and disputes later on, says Toronto corporate lawyer Sammy Redlick. Read more

Who cares what works for others: what works for you?

By Inga Andriessen It’s the last week of August and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one whose news feed is being hit with news feeds about work/life balance these days. Read more

Why corporations cannot ignore the Forfeited Corporate Property Act

By Anton Katz The Forfeited Corporate Property law affects all corporations in Ontario. What does it mean for your corporation’s operation and finances? Read more

Trusted legal adviser key team member for smaller businesses

For small and medium-sized companies without in-house counsel, developing an ongoing relationship with a trusted adviser that you can turn to for assistance and guidance on a myriad of legal issues is key to driving efficiencies and ensuring compliance, says Toronto corporate lawyer Kobi Bessin. Read more

Legal advice beneficial in all stages of business sale

The process of selling or transferring a company can be complex, lengthy and come with potential pitfalls — for sellers, bringing a business lawyer on board in the early stages can help ensure the business is properly structured for sale and their needs are being addressed during the negotiation process, says Vancouver corporate lawyer Jonathan Reilly. Read more