Commercial Litigation

Gaytan’s commercial litigation practice spans Canada, Mexico

Toronto commercial litigator Christopher Gaytan brings a personal touch to the practice of law. Read more

Bring on the legal robots: Miller

Having a robot successfully mediate a fee dispute is a great first step in showing how artificial intelligence (AI) can be used in our legal system, says Toronto civil and commercial litigator Jonathan Miller. Read more

Young lawyers must learn to manage client expectations: Miller

Counsel must develop strong communication skills if they hope to keep client expectations in check when it comes to a potential settlement, Toronto civil and commercial litigator Jonathan Miller tells Read more

Harassment of condo managers a growing problem

Condominium corporations should enact anti-harassment rules to protect their property managers and staff, Toronto condominium and commercial litigator Megan Mackey tells Read more

Radnoff joins Toronto office of U.S.-based Dickinson Wright

Toronto commercial litigator and appellate counsel Brian Radnoff says he moved his practice to U.S.-based Dickinson Wright LLP to leverage the firm's cross-border business and help the Toronto office expand its reach in commercial litigation. Read more

Speed is key when addressing hoarders, pests in condos

Condominium boards and managers should deal with hoarding and pest issues quickly, going to court if necessary, to stay on top of potentially expensive problems, says Toronto condominium and commercial litigator Megan Mackey. Read more

New employees need to protect their rights

Starting a job is an exciting time marking new beginnings, but it’s also an important moment for employees to ensure their rights are protected, warns Barrie commercial litigator Scott Hawryliw. Read more

OCA decision highlights need for precise language in contracts

A properly drafted contract can make the difference between a good transaction or business relationship and one that deteriorates into a legal battle, Barrie commercial litigator Scott Hawryliw tells Read more

Hawryliw brings business background to commercial litigation

Barrie commercial litigation and employment lawyer Scott Hawryliw wants to do law differently. Read more

Fatal accident with self-driving car raises issues

A fatal accident involving a self-driving car, though tragic in its outcome, will help regulators and manufacturers answer important questions as autonomous vehicles are more fully developed, says Toronto civil and commercial litigator Jonathan Miller. Read more

FCA reaffirms importance of common interest privilege

A recent Federal Court of Appeal decision that recognizes the doctrine of common interest privilege in the context of a commercial transaction is consistent with existing jurisprudence, Toronto commercial litigator and appellate counsel Brian Radnoff tells Read more

Don’t rely on handshakes and verbal agreements: Miller

Business deals and agreements between family members should be confirmed with a written contract to protect the interests of all of the parties involved, says Toronto civil and commercial litigator Jonathan Miller. Read more

Nova Scotia to increase fines, step up enforcement around skilled trades

HALIFAX — Nova Scotia is increasing fines and stepping up enforcement measures around the skilled trades in order to ensure a more level playing field in the construction industry. Read more

Family businesses ripe for oppressive conduct claims

The unique nature of family-run businesses makes them particularly prone to oppressive conduct actions, Toronto commercial litigator Kevin Fisher tells Read more

SCC decision doesn’t broaden duty of care

A recent Supreme Court of Canada decision that found the auditor of a company’s financial statements was negligent does not broaden the case law surrounding duty of care, says Toronto commercial litigator William Pepall. Read more