Class Action

Supreme Court set to hear Uber case with implications for gig economy

OTTAWA — The Supreme Court of Canada is set to start to hear a case today brought by Uber with potentially significant implications for the gig economy. Read more

Wright to appear before SCC in ride-sharing driver case

An agreement between the world’s leading ride-sharing service and one of its drivers is unfair, and the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) should uphold a lower court decision to allow a class-action lawsuit to proceed, Toronto employment lawyer Michael Wright tells the Globe and Mail. Read more

Class-action filed on behalf of former day school students

Alberta Indigenous rights litigator Leighton Grey has filed an application to certify a class-action lawsuit on behalf of Indigenous day students who claim to have suffered negligence and abuse at a denominational day school five decades ago. Read more

Class-actions can be effective in workplace harassment cases

More class-action lawsuits relating to workplace harassment could be in the making, especially if the Supreme Court of Canada (SSC) decides to recognize harassment as a stand-alone tort, says Toronto class-action lawyer Margaret Waddell. Read more

Understanding class-action lawsuits

Class-action lawsuits provide a “low risk” option for those seeking justice, says Toronto civil litigator Darryl Singer, who is leading the Capital One database breach claim. Read more

Class-action lawsuit makes 'important' social point: Waddell

A class-action lawsuit against a social media giant claiming age and gender discrimination in employment and housing applications by its advertisers is “forging new ground,” says Toronto class-action lawyer Margaret Waddell. Read more

Tips for successfully defending against class actions

Toronto civil litigator John Campion has been defending institutions against class actions almost from the inception of Ontario’s class proceedings regime more than 25 years ago. Read more

Lawsuit seeks justice for residential day school victims

A class action could bring some measure of justice to victims of a residential day school, says Alberta Indigenous rights litigator Leighton Grey. Read more

Privacy class actions present challenges for plaintiffs

A recently denied certification motion — stemming from a cyberattack of a casino’s computer systems — is a cautionary tale about bringing privacy class actions that don’t have common issues, says Toronto class-action and appellate counsel Brian Radnoff . Read more

Costs awards could force mega class actions out of Ontario

Ontario’s loser-pays costs regime could endanger the province’s place as the jurisdiction of choice for high-value class actions, says Toronto class-action lawyer Margaret Waddell. Read more

Legislative action needed on arbitration clauses: Waddell

Ontario’s legislature must act after the Supreme Court of Canada barred businesses from joining a consumer class action over alleged cellphone overbilling, Toronto class-action lawyer Margaret Waddell tells Read more

Class actions needed ‘when governments let us down’

Toronto class-action lawyer Stephen Moreau has filed a lawsuit against the Ontario government for its cancellation of the guaranteed income pilot project, reports CTV News. Read more

OCA decision finds judge altered class-settlement provision

An Ontario Court of Appeal decision that found a motion judge erred by ordering plaintiffs’ counsel to donate $1.5 million of their fees to charity highlights the perils of being a plaintiff-side class-action lawyer, Toronto commercial litigator and appellate counsel Brian Radnoff tells Read more

Know your rights in an airline accident: Lee

Depending on where you travel, it can be complicated to seek a remedy through the courts for an airline injury, Toronto personal injury lawyer Andrew M. Lee tells AdvocateDaily . com . Read more

Mentoring young and prospective class-action litigators

Toronto class-action lawyer Margaret Waddell will help introduce law students and young lawyers to the complex and evolving area of litigation, which has been her focus for more than 20 years. Read more