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Christopher Hicks' media roundup

Toronto criminal lawyer Christopher Hicks is frequently called upon by the media as a trusted source for their news stories, particularly in high-profile criminal matters.

See the list below:



The judge made an important distinction at the outset of the trial in which his client is accused of two counts of first-degree murder, Toronto criminal lawyer Christopher Hicks tells CTV News.

“... by reminding the jury that what lawyers say and what judges say is not evidence. The evidence comes from the witnesses and the evidence,” says Hicks, partner with Hicks Adams LLP. The case is also receiving coverage in the Kitchener-Waterloo Record. See 'They weren't their happy selves.' See Real estate believed man now charged with murder a victim. See Somone cut out big piece of carpet in bedroom, witness says.


With retrials there can be “a sense of déjà vu that makes it hard to get your game face on,” Toronto criminal lawyer Christopher Hicks, tells the Toronto Star.

Hicks, partner with Hicks Adams LLP, recently conducted a retrial in a murder case where a mistrial was granted. He tells the Star that a retrial presents both the Crown and defence with the opportunity to evaluate and build stronger cases, but it also removes the element of surprise.


A high-profile extradition case involving a senior executive of a Chinese tech giant could hinge on the perception of political interference by U.S. President Donald Trump, Toronto criminal lawyer Christopher Hicks tells CTV News Channel.

“The only thing she (Meng Wanzhou) has to argue is the perceived intervention into this matter by Mr. Trump by saying that he could waive the charges if it were conducive to a trade deal with China — in other words, if this is a political matter and not a strictly legal one,” Hicks, partner with Hicks Adams LLP, tells the news network.


The first-degree murder verdict for two men accused of killing 23-year-old Laura Babcock came after jury deliberations that were "quite long," Toronto criminal lawyer Christopher Hicks tells CTV News

“The jury took their time and sifted through all of the evidence they had very carefully,” says Hicks, partner with Hicks Adams LLP. “I think it was a very conscientious effort on their part. It took a while.”


A Canadian man charged in connection with the massive hack of Yahoo will most likely get bail as authorities in the United States take steps to extradite him, Toronto criminal lawyer Christopher Hicks tells CTV News.

“He has no criminal record,” Hicks says. “I’m sure he has sureties who will bail him out,” says Hicks, partner with Hicks Adams LLP.


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