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Sibling rivalry the source of most estate disputes

By Staff

Humans may be hard-wired by their DNA to wage war with their siblings over the estates of family members, says Toronto-area estates litigator and mediator Charles Ticker.

“Scientists and psychologists have suggested humans as a species are hard-wired for sibling rivalry,” says Ticker, principal of Charles B. Ticker Law Office. “There are even examples from the Bible of sibling disputes — Jacob and Esau is the first known case of undue influence in getting a father to change a testamentary gift; Joseph and his brothers too.”

Ticker will be speaking on Sibling Estate Fights: What causes them, what drives them and how to survive them at The Estate Planning Free Workshop on Saturday, Oct. 21, at Kingcrafts Studio, 12936 Keele St. in King City.

He’ll be joined by other lawyers and estate planners to talk about estates and financial planning, executor insurance and other facets.

“I will also discuss the concept of fairness,” he says, “and how unequal treatment in a will can cause sibling estate fights as they say 'it's not fair.' It's not only about the money but about the perception that the parent loved one child less.”

Ticker also plans to outline the tremendous financial and emotional toll it takes on the participants in a will battle and why mediation is a better path.

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