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Bail granted to man accused of swimming naked with sharks

The British Columbia man accused of skinny-dipping in a shark tank at Ripley’s Aquarium has been released on bail and is looking forward to dealing with his legal issues in court, Toronto criminal lawyer Blair Drummie tells CTV News. Read Toronto Sun Toronto Star CTV

Drummie, lawyer for the 37-year-old man facing charges in two separate incidents in Toronto, tells CTV his client is “going to be living and working in the province of Ontario and coming to court and facing these charges.”

He says his client is aware of how far the story has reached, making international headlines.

“He seems to be okay, as well as can be expected,” Drummie says. “He’s had a rough week. “

He would not say whether his client feels remorse or whether there was a reason behind the alleged acts.

“I’m sure that’s the question you’re all after, but I can’t really answer that right now until we get disclosure,” Drummie tells CTV.

Drummie says the man had a girlfriend “up until recently.” When asked whether the break-up was a result of the combined incidents, he wouldn’t speculate.

The man is facing one count of assault causing bodily harm and two mischief-related charges, the Canadian Press reports.

Toronto Police allege the first incident took place outside Medieval Times, where they say he assaulted a man. Two hours later, police allege the man went to Ripley's Aquarium where they say he stripped off his clothes, vaulted a barrier and jumped into the tank, said the Canadian Press.

“Videos posted online show a naked man swimming in the tank as sharks pass underneath, with a security guard yelling at him to get out of the water,” said the news wire.

A judge granted the B.C. man bail under a number of conditions, including that he receives counselling for alcohol.

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