Another step forward for paralegals

A recent Law Society of Upper Canada move to increase the number of paralegal benchers at Convocation to five from two is an important step forward, Toronto paralegal Marian Lippa says in Law Times.

“We’re an integral part of the law society and it’s good to be recognized as having a voice,” Lippa says in the article. “I’m all for it.”

A motion approved on April 25 says, “With the experience of five years of paralegal regulation by the law society, the time has come to revisit the original structure for electing paralegal benchers and the number of elected paralegal benchers,” Law Times reports.

The news comes as Lippa continues to wait for a decision in her application to overturn a Justice of the Peace’s decision banning paralegals from sitting past the bar and to have paralegals included in the Barrister’s Act.  See Prior Story

The Superior Court of Justice reserved judgment last month.

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