Immigration numbers ‘not radically different’ under new plan

By Staff

Canada’s new immigration plan might add clarity, but it doesn't substantially increase the number of immigrants, Toronto immigration lawyer Andrew Carvajal tells The Lawyer's Daily.

While pleased that immigration levels are rising under the three-year plan, the numbers being admitted are not “radically different” from what they have been in the past, says Carvajal, a partner with Desloges Law Group.

Ahmed Hussen, the minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, unveiled the plan Nov. 1 that calls for 310,000 new permanent residents in 2018, 330,000 by 2019 and 340,000 by 2020.

“This historic multi-year immigration levels plan will benefit all Canadians because immigrants will contribute their talents to support our economic growth and innovation, helping to keep our country at the forefront of the global economy,” said Hussen.

By the end of the three-year plan, Canada’s annual immigration level will total about 0.9 per cent of its overall population, up from the current 0.8 per cent.

Carvajal doesn’t believe the increase is as significant as advertised.

“Canada for a while has had this idea they want immigration levels per year to be at one per cent of the population, and we’re getting to 0.9 per cent,” he says in the article. “But if you compare the numbers to what Canada has had in the past or other countries in Europe it’s really not that high. It’s definitely going up but it’s not unprecedented.”

But those conservative numbers may help the system stay viable, says Carvajal.

“As an immigration professional I’m quite happy to have seen the processing times go down over the past three years, so it is important to be conservative when it comes to that,” he tells The Lawyer’s Daily.

“We do want the people who go into the system to become permanent residents to keep Canada competitive, so you don’t want to put too many people in so it overburdens the system and makes it difficult to settle in Canada.”

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