Carvajal opens satellite office in Colombia

By Staff

Toronto immigration lawyer Andrew Carvajal and his firm have opened an office in Colombia to serve clients in Latin America.

Carvajal, partner with Desloges Law Group, says he plans to work from the Colombian base over the next few months and travel through the region to meet with potential clients thinking about immigrating to Canada.

“In Mexico, Colombia and throughout the region, there are many skilled professionals and entrepreneurs, and also some students, who want to come to Canada,” he tells

“Many people are interested in taking advantage of free trade agreement with some Latin American countries which make it possible for them to work here or set up businesses. And, of course, some need work visas, which we can help with," says Carvajal, who was born and raised in Colombia before coming to Canada for university. He also has strong ties around the coffee-growing region, so the prospect of wintering there is appealing.

“My wife and I moved down with our dog in October, and on Nov. 1, we opened the office,” he says.

Carvajal plans to set up at a number of immigration expositions in the region to connect with potential clients. He’s also advertising his services accordingly.

"There are individuals and firms doing Canadian immigration work but they are not certified to do so by a provincial law society or the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council," Carvajal says. "We are not aware of a Canadian immigration law firm offering the services we provide in Colombia.”

Carvajal will also spend time in Mexico — where there’s strong interest in immigrating to Canada — as well as Peru.

He hopes having a foot on the ground will generate interest in the Latin American community in the GTA to bring family members to join them, and being there will speed up communications.

“There’s a fairly large community of Colombians in Mississauga,” Carvajal says. “So, the GTA would be a logical destination. Montreal is also popular.”

With the new satellite office, Desloges Law Group will begin offering immigration services to Canadians and other foreigners abroad who are looking for visas, permits and permanent residence in the Latin American region, he says.

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