Recreational cannabis opens whole new legal can of worms

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More couples resolving family law matters through ADR

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Gossin starts new chapter at Devry Smith Frank

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AI has a place in ADR: Huberman

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Complexity of construction disputes makes them perfect for ADR

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Mediation is affordable, timely alternative in family law

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Calculating bonuses in mediation is tricky business: Fisher

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Family law alternatives to litigation — part 2

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Emotional intelligence a valuable commodity for mediators

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When settling your case is the best option

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Siegel to share insights on ethical issues in arbitration

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You’ve picked an arbitrator, now what?

After an arbitrator has been selected to lead an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) process, both sides have to be ready to work with that person to get the issue settled efficiently and fairly, says Toronto litigator and commercial arbitrator Marvin Huberman , a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. Read more

Marchetti: collaborative approach gives parties more control

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Settlement not the sole indicator of a successful mediation

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