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Ford denies the straw that broke his own back

By Jeremy Richler Though Rob Ford has always attracted his share of detractors, and has likely expanded its ranks given his ongoing boorish conduct, there is a very ... Read more

Liberal leadership contenders confront party's uphill climb

By Jeremy Richler The Liberals, mired in third place and their future still uncertain, definitely have their work cut out for them. Cynics charge that the Liberals are in ... Read more

WATCH: Jeremy Richler weighs in on Political Express

Toronto lawyer Jeremy Richler joined CTV's Political Express panel to discuss speculation that Olivia Chow may be considering a run for Mayor of Toronto. "I think ... Read more

Obama's win is preferred outcome for Canada

By Jeremy Richler Most Canadians were breathing a collective sigh of relief when Barack Obama easily won re-election after what many pundits were predicting would be a ... Read more

SCC makes tough but proper decision

By Jeremy Richler It is never an easy task for a Supreme Court to weigh in on electoral decisions, as it is the job of the top court to protect and uphold individual ... Read more

McGuinty humbly faces the end of his political rope

By Jeremy Richler After leading the Ontario Liberal party for sixteen years, and as premier for the last nine, Dalton McGuinty has greatly exceeded expectations. ... Read more

Liberals stumble out of the gate with a $75,000 price tag

By Jeremy Richler As the Liberal leadership race unfolds, the executive has sent the right signals for the contest. In selecting the next leader by April 2013, the party ... Read more

Sovereignty support on the wane ... despite slim PQ victory

By Jeremy Richler As a Montreal native, and a self-confessed political junkie, I knew my eyes would be glued to the television screen for the Quebec election results ... Read more

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