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Events at private school 'an alarm bell' for teachers: Benmor

Faculty at a Toronto private school abdicated their responsibility to students and parents by not immediately repo rting suspected sexual abuse, Toronto family lawyer, mediator and parenting co-ordinator Steven Benmor , tells the Toronto Sun . Read more

Mandin optimistic Bill 139 can offer balance

Toronto civil litigator Stephany Mandin tells Law Times she’s optimistic that last month’s enactment of Bill 139 will help balance a municipality’s power to make decisions with the province’s authority to step in. Read more

Second time might be the charm for challenge of panhandling law: Mandin

A recently launched constitutional challenge to Ontario’s panhandling law has a better chance of success than a failed attempt more than a decade ago, says Toronto civil litigator Stephany Mandin. Read more

Empowering clients improves access to justice: Mandin

Toronto civil litigator Stephany Mandin believes if the public were better informed of their legal rights and obligations, it could have a significant impact on backlogs in Canadian courts. Read more

It’s time for an arbitration revolution

Recent trends and literature showing that arbitration has increasingly become a carbon copy of litigation requires an "arbitration revolution," says Toronto commercial arbitrator Marvin J. Huberman. Read more

Debatable if voting reform would face Charter challenge

Justin Trudeau and Thomas Mulcair have promised electoral reform as soon as possible after the federal election this year, pledging to scrap the current first-past-the-post voting system. Read more

ADR could achieve goals of stakeholders in eHealth dispute

Ontario’s high-profile legal battle between eHealth and CGI Information Systems is going to arbitration in what could be an efficient and fair way to achieve the goals of all parties involved, says Toronto commercial arbitrator Marvin J. Huberman. Read more