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Norman's lawyers cite SNC Lavalin testimony in fight for secret documents

OTTAWA — Vice-Admiral Mark Norman's lawyers are using the words of the country's top bureaucrat at the height of the SNC-Lavalin affair as they press for access to secret ... Read more

Dad furious, PM rapped over transfer of girl's killer to healing lodge

The father of a raped and murdered eight-year-old girl said on Wednesday the transfer of one of her killers to a prison ``healing lodge'' has sparked widespread anger ... Read more

Chief justice's remarks about Aboriginal incarceration rates welcomed

Intervention by the nation's top judge in the debate over rates of Aborginal incarceration is welcome news to Alberta Indigenous rights litigator  Leighton Grey .   ... Read more

More allegations of racism linked to Manitoba Hydro site

WINNIPEG — A report into working conditions at a Manitoba Hydro site details allegations of racism, sexual harassment and prison-like living conditions. ``I ... Read more

Grey Wowk Spencer LLP welcomes new partner

Alberta Indigenous rights litigator  Leighton Grey  and Lawren Wowk are pleased to welcome Hart Spencer into the firm’s new partnership of Grey Wowk Spencer LLP . ... Read more

Grey spreads the word about 'Indian hospital' class action

Alberta Indigenous rights litigator  Leighton Grey  is spreading the word across Alberta about new residential school and “Indian Hospital” claims against ... Read more

New trial ordered for sex worker who says she stabbed client in self defence

HALIFAX — Nova Scotia's highest court has ordered a new trial for a sex worker convicted of assault for stabbing a client she said was sexually assaulting her. The ... Read more

Federal Court overturns Robert Latimer's travel restrictions

VANCOUVER – A Federal Court judge has overturned a parole board condition that bars Robert Latimer from leaving the country. Judge Michael Manson says in a ruling released ... Read more

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