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Federation of Ontario Law Associations: Katie Robinette

Hiring an articling student?

It's Time to Hire an Articling Student.  What's Next?

For any-sized law firm or office, hiring an articling student can be a significant investment. However, this is even more so when the employer is small and with limited resources.  It takes time and money to identify, train, and onboard an articling student - let alone, train the student on the law and practice! Fortunately, the benefits of hiring an articling student are plentiful.

To help you in this process, FOLA has added a new section to our Practice Resource page that offers strategies from the National Association for Law Placement for when and how to hire an articling student; how to identify a pool of candidates, how to interview, how to make an offer. 

Check it out!


interviewing articling students

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