New CPD company covers variety of immigration topics

By Staff

Toronto immigration lawyer Andrew Carvajal wants his recently launched continuing professional development (CPD) company to become the go-to provider for all legal professionals, regardless of their experience.

Carvajal, partner with Desloges Law Group, founded the Legal Professionals Education Network (LPEN) with his legal partner Chantal Desloges, and he tells that they were inspired to "offer legal education that bridges the divide between academic teachings and practical tools for new and experienced practitioners."

“Obviously there is good CPD out there offered by law societies and law associations, but we found that much of the focus tends to be on high-level discussions,” Carvajal says. “We want to make sure there is a source of high-quality programming that incorporates the practical knowledge that we gain from day-to-day files.

“The idea is to take them through a new type of application from the very first client meeting, talking about what documents are required, how to prepare cover letters, what sort of followup may be needed, and the strategy that goes into it,” he says.

Aimed at lawyers, paralegals and regulated Canadian immigration consultants, many of LPEN’s programs cover immigration law topics, including family class sponsorship, the Canadian refugee protection process, intra-company transfers and many more.

Another planned program promises a “complete guide” to small claims court, and Carvajal says LPEN will eventually expand to cover a variety of topics in various practice areas.

Carvajal says LPEN’s team of instructors — which includes himself and Desloges — has extensive experience teaching CPD programs. He says they are also passionate about education, mentoring and helping their colleagues succeed.

Programs are conducted via online webinars, allowing registrants to take part from the comfort of their own office or home. Carvajal says they can view proceedings as they happen, or download the session to view at their convenience.

“In the future, we plan to have live, in-person programs and case studies,” he says.

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