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A Littler webinar: latest legal developments in Ontario

  Latest Legal Developments in Ontario This webinar will address the following recent developments in the Ontario ... Read more

Will your workplace be up in smoke?

By Joe Masterson Most probably not. Still, it will be legal for Canadians to consume recreational marijuana on October 17th, 2018. What does this mean for employers? Just ... Read more

A summary of the duties of an attorney for property

By  Meghan O'Neil  in  Powers of Attorney If you have been named in a Continuing Power of Attorney for Property as an attorney for property ... Read more

Experts for hire: what use can be made of past judicial comment?

Written By: William Keele and Hudson Chalmers, Summer Student Expert witnesses are used in personal injury cases to help the court understand highly technical matters in ... Read more

Injured at an Airbnb: what to do when your trip goes south

Airbnb is an internet-based company that has quickly risen through the ranks of travel booking sites as one of the most popular options for accommodations around the world. In ... Read more

Littler Global Guide - Canada - Q2 2018

Browse through brief employment and labor law updates from around the globe. Contact a  Littler attorney  for more information or view our  global locations . ... Read more

Admissibility of expert evidence

Written By: Bryan Sansom and Hudson Chalmers, Summer Student In personal injury trials, both the plaintiff and defendant will want to tender expert evidence in support of ... Read more

Missed diagnosis or misdiagnosis: how to proceed with a medical malpractice claim involving cancer treatment

Written By: Bryan Sansom and Danika Winkel, Summer Student  According to the Canadian Cancer Society, cancer is the leading cause of death in Canada, responsible for ... Read more

Income replacement benefits before and after the 104 week mark

Written By: Nick Todorovic and Hudson Chalmers, Summer Student  When involved in a motor vehicle collision, you are able to collect no-fault benefits from your insurance ... Read more

Up the creek without a paddle: a review of boating safety and the law regarding human powered watercraft

Written By: William Keele  and Danika Winkel, Summer Student In 1984, on Chestermere Lake, Alberta, a man drowned after his canoe was flipped by the wake of a speed boat ... Read more

Firework safety: what you need to know for the Canada Day long weekend

Written By: Michael Warfe and Brock Turville, Summer Student The Canada Day long weekend is fast approaching and many Canadians will head out to catch a public fireworks ... Read more

Self-driving vehicles: aligning expectations with reality

Written By: Michael Warfe and Leah Burlock, Summer Student  Public safety is said to be the top priority for the development of autonomous vehicles. With human error ... Read more

Tesla autopilot, still ironing out the wrinkles

Written By: Lindsay Charles and Brock Turville, Summer Student Tesla, a car company based in California, is known for its electric-powered cars and innovation in the ... Read more

What do you do when the Children’s Aid Society knocks on your door?

By  Gillian Hayes  in  Family Law   This may be the most terrifying prospect as a parent – the Children’s Aid Society ... Read more

How to protect your property when you aren’t married (yes, this is a thing you should do)

By  Victoria Craig  in  Family Law   Picture this:  You’re a young professional in the big city. When you’re not too busy ... Read more

Status Certificates and their importance

By  Tejpaul Grewal  and  Patrick Shing  in  Real Estate   Many first-time home-buyers are electing to make a condominium their first ... Read more

Littler adds experienced Canadian immigration attorney Yusra Siddiquee in Toronto

Toronto (June 18, 2018) – Littler, the world’s largest employment and labour law practice representing management, has ... Read more

Understanding indemnity provisions in commercial agreements

By  Benjamin Burford  in  Business Law   Indemnity provisions are an essential tool in the allocation of risk in commercial agreements. Often, ... Read more

Have you sued a Ford, lately?

By  Lauren Kason  in  Wills Estates & Trusts   It’s been about a week since Doug Ford won the provincial election. Yet it’s not ... Read more

How is child support calculated? Part 1 of our commonly misunderstood family law concepts series

By  Patricia Gordon  in  Family Law   There are a number of commonly misunderstood issues in family law. A good portion of first meetings ... Read more

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