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Feds launch directive on automated decision making

By Tara Vasdani  in Article   In a recent  article  written for The Lawyer’s Daily,  litigation  associate  Tara Vasdani ... Read more

Ontario, Canada companies beware: class action lawsuits alleging worker misclassification are on the rise

It appears there is a movement afoot in Ontario to change behavior around the classification of employees as independent contractors.  Beginning in 2015, we began to see a ... Read more

Finding a seat at the table of consanguinity

By  Dave Johnston  in  Wills Estates & Trusts   Clients often ask about what happens to their estate (or someone else’s estate) if ... Read more

I don’t want to be an executor and/or trustee anymore: now what?

By  Meghan O'Neil  in  Wills Estates & Trusts Acting as an executor and/or trustee is a big job. If you have been appointed to act in either or ... Read more

Transfers of property – dealing with mortgages and taxes

By  Tejpaul Grewal  in  Blog ,  Real Estate ,  Wills Estates & Trusts   This is a complementary post to  Patrick ... Read more

Hiring an articling student?

It's Time to Hire an Articling Student.  What's Next? For any-sized law firm or office, hiring an articling student can be a significant investment. However, this is ... Read more

Digital Hearing Workspace pilot project: one step closer to court modernization

By  Tara Vasdani  in  Article   In her latest  article , written for The Lawyer’s Daily,  litigation  associate  ... Read more

Littler global guide - Canada - Q4 2018

Browse through brief employment and labor law updates from around the globe. Contact a  Littler attorney  for more information or view our  global locations . ... Read more

Decisions involving termination of long-term employees should concern employers

Employers considering terminating long-term employees in Canada should be aware of two relatively recent decisions.  In one case,  Dawe , 2018 ONSC 3130, the terminated ... Read more

Judge rules member addresses includes email addresses

By  Heather Keachie  in  Business Law   Toronto jazz radio station Jazz.FM 91 was recently before Justice Dunphy of the Ontario Superior Court ... Read more

Managing legal fees in your family law matter

By  Patricia Gordon  in  Family Law   One of the most common concerns of  family law  clients is how they can keep their legal fees ... Read more

Legal issues affecting digital nomads

By  Tara Vasdani  in  Article   Our associate,  Tara Vasdani , recently discussed the legal implications of working as a digital ... Read more

McLeish Orlando is looking for information related to the Ottawa bus crash at Westboro Station

We have been retained by a person injured in the double-decker bus crash that occurred on Friday, January 11, 2019 at 3:50 pm at the Westboro station in Ottawa. We are looking for ... Read more

Are we saving too much for retirement?

Frederick Vettese is an actuary and partner at Morneau Shepell. He is the co-author of  The Real Retirement and author of Retirement Income for Life . As an actuary, he ... Read more

Everyone needs an RSP right? Wrong!

The deadline to make a contribution to your Retirement Savings Plan (RSP) is March 1st, 2019. Most people will likely benefit from opening an RSP early, investing ... Read more

Cadieux v Cloutier: deducting oranges from apples

Written By: William Harding and Nicole Fielding, Student-at-Law  It is an essential principle of tort law that an injured plaintiff be returned to the position they ... Read more

Prabaharan v. RBC General Insurance: cost consequences for failing to prepare for a pre-trial conference

Written By: William Keele  and Courtney Stewart, Student-at-Law In Prabaharan v RBC General Insurance Company, 2018 ONSC 1186, Justice Stinson ordered the Defendant ... Read more

Unsure how to plan so that you land an awesome articling position? FOLA has some tips!

Articling is one of the two experiential training paths put in place by the Law Society of Ontario as part of the requirements for becoming a licenced lawyer in Canada. It ... Read more

Venio Systems celebrating 10th anniversary with special partner event and awards ceremony

  "Venio will honor seven different award winners at this event, each winner unique in their contributions and partnerships with Venio. Among the honorees is Richard ... Read more

Imeson v. Maryvale – further clarification on litigation and participant experts

Written By: Lindsay Charles and Courtney Stewart, Student-at-Law   Parties may call two types of experts to testify at trial: litigation experts, hired by a party ... Read more

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