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Five dogs were a big hit on Parliament Hill as veterinarians lobbied for legal changes that would allow them to prescribe medical cannabis for animals. They stood outside the main doors of West Block, capturing the oohs and ahs of politicians and staff as they emerged after question period Wednesday. (The Canadian Press)

Philip Heerema was sentenced Wednesday to 10 years in prison for sex offences against six male students of a Calgary performing arts school. The mother of one victim says she feels the 55-year-old’s apology was “not genuine.”

Assembly of First Nations Chief Perry Bellegarde is urging Ottawa to incorporate “free, prior and informed” principles in legislation impacting Indigenous Peoples. Bellegarde spoke at the AFN’s special assembly on Tuesday.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was among thousands of people who marched along a Toronto street on Sunday, ahead of a vigil for the victims of last Monday’s fatal van attack.

Prosecutor says jurors provided Bill Cosby's accuser Toronto native Andrea Constand with "justice" after Cosby was convicted at his retrial.

Toronto’s deputy police chief says the officer who peacefully arrested the suspect in Monday’s deadly van attack doesn’t want to be called a “hero.” Peter Yuen says Const. Ken Lam has a mindset to “help as many people as possible.”

Ontario’s chief coroner says authorities have not formally identified any victims of Monday’s van attack in Toronto. Dr. Dirk Huyer said Tuesday the number of fatalities and the circumstances of the incident make the process challenging.

Toronto police say they have the driver of the van that struck pedestrians in custody. In their first update, the city’s deputy police chief said the force has mobilized all available resources. 

Lindsay Souvannarath, who pleaded guilty to planning to go on a shooting rampage at a Halifax mall, has been sentenced to life in prison. Crown lawyer Shauna MacDonald says the foiled plot made the risk of that type of offense “real” for Nova Scotians. 

A Montreal pig owner says there is “no logic” to a city rule banning pigs as pets. Mario Ramos says Babe, his pet of three years, is “a member of the family.”

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