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Social media sites are facing backlash after failing to contain the spread of a video of an attack on two New Zealand mosques. The shootings at the two Christchurch mosques left 49 people dead and injured dozens more. The man who allegedly carried out the shootings reportedly broadcast 17 minutes of the attack on a Facebook livestream. Both YouTube owner Google and Twitter also say they're working to remove video of the shootings from their sites. Officials are criticizing the tech giants once again for reacting too slowly to harmful content. Legal analysts say sharing the video will only inspire more mass shootings in the future. (The Canadian Press)

Conservatives blasted the Liberals on Thursday over benefits going to Christopher Garnier, who was convicted of second-degree murder. The Veterans Affairs minister says a decision to pay for Garnier’s PTSD treatment is being reviewed. (The Canadian Press)

Ontario’s PC government says it is “pleased” after an appeal court sided with the province on its move to cut the size of Toronto city council before an October election. Toronto Mayor John Tory says the decision provides “clarity.” (The Canadian Press)

Canadian musician Bryan Adams told a House of Commons committee on Tuesday that copyright laws need to change to give more control to artists. Adams noted artists currently can't recover ownership of their work until after they die. (The Canadian Press)

Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland said Monday she and U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer have agreed to meet again later this week in an effort to bring Canada into a revised North American Free Trade Agreement. (The Canadian Press)

Demonstrators at Ontario’s legislature protested the Tory government’s efforts Saturday to push through a bill that cuts the size of Toronto's city council. One protester says the bill sets a “terrible precedent” for the future. (The Canadian Press)

Toronto City Hall has asked the federal government to use its disallowance powers to stop Ontario from cutting the city’s council by nearly half. Toronto city councillors spoke about the move after an emergency session on Thursday. (The Canadian Press)

Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland says resumed NAFTA talks with the U.S. on Tuesday were “cordial” and “constructive.” Freeland says she remains focused on efforts to save the trade deal, which have dragged on for 13 months. (The Canadian Press)

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says Ontario has the authority to use the Constitution's notwithstanding clause to cut the size of Toronto city council. NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh was more critical of Premier Doug Ford.  (The Canadian Press)

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau participated in an armchair discussion with journalist Katie Couric and International Monetary Fund managing director Christine Lagarde at the Women in the World Canada summit in Toronto. (The Canadian Press)

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