Redress Risk Management (post until May 31/19)
Your legal consumers want convenience

According to a Nielsen study, consumers are feeling more stressed and stretched for time than ever before as their lives become more complex due to faster-paced lifestyles and ... Read more

"Payer of last resort": the motor vehicle accident claims fund

Written By: William Harding and Nicole Fielding, Student-at-Law In an incident or collision involving a motor vehicle, but no automobile insurance liability policy, where ... Read more

Will my son-in-law or daughter-in-law have access to the inheritance I leave my child in the event of their divorce?

By  Meghan O'Neil  in  Wills Estates & Trusts   When explaining the purpose of various clauses in clients’ Wills with them, one ... Read more

Multitasking kills law firm lead generation

Many spend thousands of dollars on marketing annually but still don’t see an increase in law firm lead generation. So what’s the problem? Multitasking— ... Read more

Lotus Notes/Domino data gotcha's

By  Richard Wessel  of  NearZero Discovery Getting into the details Lotus Notes/Domino is a collaborative platform that provides support for email, and ... Read more

Free Legal Advice Hotline making a real dent in access-to-justice problem

Tracey from Toronto is experiencing stage 4 melanoma and her employer was threatening to revoke her health benefits. Struggling financially and feeling she couldn’t afford ... Read more

School buses and children safety - what drivers should know

Written By: Lindsay Charles and Courtney Stewart, Student-at-Law  It is that that bittersweet time of year again – summer is ending, and children have returned to ... Read more

Three months’ interest penalty – is it payable?

By  Reshma Kishnani  and  Richard Worsfold  in  In the News ,  Real Estate   Many mortgagees will add a three-month interest ... Read more

Negotiate, mediate, litigate: Best practices in high conflict family law matters. September 26, 2018.

Are your files more Game of Thrones than Modern Family ? If you answered yes, or even had to think about it for a second, this seminar is exactly what you need. Most f ... Read more

Want your articling student off to a great start? TLA's autumn line-up has something for everyone.

Coming up this fall we have a line up of CPD Nutshells that is sure to satisfy. We are reprising everything from our usual September series "Build a Better Student" , which ... Read more

CRM/CMS systems & legal contract services

Attracting and capturing legal clients is a top priority at any law firm. However, as your firm grows, it may become harder and harder to organize leads and existing clients. ... Read more

Can your legal intake system withstand disaster?

Hurricanes, floods, tornados, earthquakes, fires, blizzards—whether you’re on the east coast or the west coast, your firm is always at risk of some form of natural ... Read more

The legal utility of Google's My Activity

By Tara Vasdani  A few weeks ago, I discovered Google’s My Activity system — not only its ability to intrude on your personal privacy by tracking your ... Read more

Pre-retirement death benefits available to satisfy a dependant’s relief claim

By  Reshma Kishnani  and  Richard Worsfold  in  Wills Estates & Trusts   At a time when mourning is already the prevailing ... Read more

Four lawyer answering service myths debunked

There are a lot of misconceptions about lawyer answering services that stop law firms from utilizing out-of-house services to field their calls and intake. What if we told you ... Read more

A Littler webinar: latest legal developments in Ontario

      Latest Legal Developments in Ontario This webinar will address the following recent developments in the ... Read more

Three necessary specialized services for law firms

Every law firm struggles with fleshing out and expanding departments to provide their clients with truly specialized services they want and need. This is where out-of-house ... Read more

Alert Communications ranks on the 2018 Inc. 5000 list for a second time

CAMARILLO, CA  -- For the second year in a row, Inc. Magazine has named  Alert Communications  to its 2018  Inc. 5000 list  of the fastest growing, ... Read more

Integrating risk into your Litigation Response Plan

By Richard Wessel What do you do when first informed that there is a pending litigation or investigation against your company? Answer: Determine the risk. There is a ... Read more

Why choose a full-service firm to handle your family law matter?

By  Patricia Gordon  in  Family Law   The nature of  family law  matters is that they touch on a number of different areas of ... Read more

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