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Tesla autopilot, still ironing out the wrinkles

Written By: Lindsay Charles and Brock Turville, Summer Student Tesla, a car company based in California, is known for its electric-powered cars and innovation in the ... Read more

What do you do when the Children’s Aid Society knocks on your door?

By  Gillian Hayes  in  Family Law   This may be the most terrifying prospect as a parent – the Children’s Aid Society ... Read more

How to protect your property when you aren’t married (yes, this is a thing you should do)

By  Victoria Craig  in  Family Law   Picture this:  You’re a young professional in the big city. When you’re not too busy ... Read more

Status Certificates and their importance

By  Tejpaul Grewal  and  Patrick Shing  in  Real Estate   Many first-time home-buyers are electing to make a condominium their first ... Read more

Littler adds experienced Canadian immigration attorney Yusra Siddiquee in Toronto

Toronto (June 18, 2018) – Littler, the world’s largest employment and labour law practice representing management, has ... Read more

Understanding indemnity provisions in commercial agreements

By  Benjamin Burford  in  Business Law   Indemnity provisions are an essential tool in the allocation of risk in commercial agreements. Often, ... Read more

Have you sued a Ford, lately?

By  Lauren Kason  in  Wills Estates & Trusts   It’s been about a week since Doug Ford won the provincial election. Yet it’s not ... Read more

How is child support calculated? Part 1 of our commonly misunderstood family law concepts series

By  Patricia Gordon  in  Family Law   There are a number of commonly misunderstood issues in family law. A good portion of first meetings ... Read more

Thinking about buying a franchise? Know your legal risks and obligations before making that purchase!

By  Michelle Santarossa  in  Business Law   Buying a franchise, in particular, a franchise of a reputable and established system can be a ... Read more

Enforceability of standard form contracts

By  Reshma Kishnani  in  Business Law   It is a common misconception that contracts of adhesion are unenforceable. Contracts of adhesion, ... Read more

What's new at the CRA?

By  Heather Keachie  in  Charity   We have a couple of updates from Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), Charities Directorate, that will be of ... Read more

Please, ‘CEP’ into my office

By  Heather Keachie  in  Charity   CHARITIES EDUCATION PROGRAM (CEP) About six months ago, the Charities Directorate launched a new compliance ... Read more

The cart before the horse – so you want to raise capital, do you?

By  Daniel Thomson  in  Business Law   “Let’s go raise some money so we can grow the business!” This, or some similar ... Read more

Post-accident treatment: how to get the most from your benefits

Written By: Bryan Sansom and Danika Winkel, Summer Student  If you are injured in a motor vehicle accident, it is important to know who can help you get back on your ... Read more

Uber insurance: what drivers and passengers need to know

Written By: Nick Todorovic and Danika Winkel, Summer Student  Whether you are an Uber driver or a passenger, it is important that you are aware of your level of risk on ... Read more

Restrictive covenants: When will non-competes and non-solicits in employment agreements be enforceable?

By Jane Scholes Many employment contracts include an agreement that, for some period of time following their employment, the employee will not work for a competitor or ... Read more

Too hot for tot - the dangers of leaving your child unattended in the car this summer

Written By: Bryan Sansom  After what felt like an endless winter, summer weather has been warmly welcomed. However, for our little ones, summer weather also poses a ... Read more

Recommendations for a fair and efficient physician complaint process

Written By: Lindsay Charles and Leah Burlock, Summer Student  In an attempt to streamline the process for submitting complaints through Canada’s largest medical ... Read more

Expert advice series: Expert bias. How trial courts are applying the White Burgess analysis

By Jennifer Hunter In 2015 in White Burgess Langille Inman v Abbott and Halibuton Co. , 2015 SCC 23 the Supreme Court of Canada released a comprehensive decision on expert ... Read more

Become a designated representative for unaccompanied minors

Lawyers, need some CPD hours? Looking to volunteer your time for a good cause? Every year hundreds of children arrive at Ontario's ports alone and seeking refugee protection. ... Read more

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