Canadian employers must navigate a patchwork of family status accommodation requirements

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Littler Global Guide – Canada – Q3 2019

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Lisa R. Lifshitz at the 2019 CAN-TECH LAW Annual Conference

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Ethical Open Source: Is the world ready?

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Focus on enhancing resilience and well-being

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BIG DEAL: First Gulf sells East Harbour Project to Cadillac Fairview

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Tax issues for estate administration lawyers

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So you want to be an adjudicator?: Update on Ontario’s Construction Act adjudication process

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Updated! Canada votes 2019: Employers’ federal election day obligations

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Rowan’s Law Day: concussion awareness and safety

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The Fund Library publishes Samantha Prasad's "How to protect 'retiring allowances' from the tax man"

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Jennifer Katz posts "Quebec’s Ban on At-Home Cultivation Ruled Unconstitutional" on Canada Cannabis Legal

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