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AccounTrust continues to expand multidimensional client services

As AccounTrust celebrates its 15th birthday, founder Avi Dahary says he’s already looking forward to the next 15 years.

Since its inception in January, 2004, AccounTrust has developed a reputation in estate and trust accounting, taxation services and administration with clients encompassing law firms, accounting firms, trust companies, financial planners and advisers, and individuals.

“As an accountant, I had existing knowledge and experience in that area, but it’s one that not many people specialize in,” he tells “It’s been 15 years since AccounTrust was launched, and it’s been tremendously gratifying to experience the acceptance we’ve received within the legal and accounting professions.

“It has been a lot of fun leading the growth of our firm and building the connections we’ve made with clients and business partners who act in a fiduciary capacity or represent those involved in these roles,” Dahary adds.   

And, he says the firm’s experience in the estates and trusts niche will be crucial to its future, especially in light of the country’s demographic trends.  

“We are undergoing a transition whereby an enormous amount of wealth will be transferred from the baby boomers on to the next generation, and that’s going to continue happening over the next 30 years or so,” Dahary says. “As this transfer occurs, those acting as fiduciaries in the capacity of executors, guardians, or under a power of attorney may find their role a challenging and sometimes overwhelming one.

“We’re focused on making that transition stress-free.” 

He attributes his approach to 18th-century economist Adam Smith who wrote in The Wealth of Nations that “all increase in wealth comes from the division of labor-organizing work so that those who are best at a particular task can focus on just that.”

“Although this concept greatly influenced the industrial revolution, it equally applies now, and will continue to apply as we progress through the next 20 to 30 years,” Dahary says.

AccounTrust focuses on providing a variety of fiduciary solutions to lawyers, accountants, trust companies, investment advisers, and many others acting as estate executors, guardians, and under a power of attorney, he says.

“The benefits of using our services are multidimensional,” Dahary adds. “When we execute an engagement, our clients benefit because we approach matters from a combined estate accounting, tax, and a risk-management perspective.”

The solutions it provides to clients include:

  • preparation of estate, guardianship or power of attorney accounts in court-passing form
  • estate administration and cash management
  • computing executor, guardian, or attorney compensation
  • dealing with various individual, estate, and trust tax matters
  • preparation of final tax return(s) for a deceased individual
  • preparation of T3 Trust income tax returns
  • providing evaluations of estate, guardianship, or power of attorney accounts that were prepared by another party
  • consulting on related fiduciary matters

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