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AdvocatePR ensures that when potential clients check you out online they’ll find the right solution for their problem. We’re legal industry marketers who work a lot like traditional public relations, but with an innovative twist; we operate our own wire service, AdvocateDaily.com. That means we don’t need the media to take your message live. Instead, you’ll be found via informative posts written by experienced journalists and tailor-made to feature you as a knowledgeable match for those looking to hire you. It also means we can guarantee regular exposure which is key to referrals, all for a fraction of the cost.

Since 2010 Advocate’s disruptive and highly-personalized system has helped our members build their professional profiles. Links to our customized posts on topics chosen to attract new business are placed on your website for easy access. Plus, a Google search will lead to your member microsite – with an impressive library of those targeted posts, your bio and contact details – sitting prominently on the first page. And those same posts are sent out via our curated social media network to an audience that’s inclined to refer you. Finally, since all of our posts are press releases, the media is welcome to use them.

* We adhere to the Law Society of Ontario Rules of Professional Conduct.

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