Joan Rataic-Lang

So, you are going to call your client? Thursday, October 25, 2018 5:15 – 7:00 p.m.

In our upcoming seminar, So, You are Going to Call Your Client, our team of well seasoned litigators including a Superior Court Judge, will discuss one of the most overlooked but critical components of any trial, criminal or civil: the decision to call your client. Inevitably, it is also one of the most terrifying. Your client’s testimony may be essential to answering the opposing party’s case, but it could also undo all of the good work you have done in cross examination in one fell swoop. Importantly, it will also be the last impression the trier of fact has before deciding the case.

The crucial question for litigators facing this high stakes decision is what situations necessitate the client taking the stand and where could it actually detract from an otherwise sound case? If the decision is made to call the client, how should the client be prepared for both examination in chief and cross examination in order to most effectively meet the burden of proof as well as counsel’s ethical obligations?

A panel that includes a Superior Court Judge as well as leading counsel from the criminal and civil bar will examine these difficult questions in an innovative session that will include video clips of witness testimony and preparation.

Specific topics include:

  • When is it critical to call your client?
  • When can calling your client hurt your case?
  • If you call your client, what steps should be taken to prepare them for examination in chief and cross examination?
  • What do clients do on the stand that undermines their credibility and reliability?
  • What is the line between effective client preparation and inappropriate “woodshedding”?

Our speakers include The Hon. Maureen Forestell, Superior Court of Justice; David Humphrey, of Greenspan Humphrey Weinstein; David Porter, from McCarthy Tetrault LLP; and, our moderator for this evening's discussion is Robin McKechney, of Steinecke Macuira LeBlanc.

Attendees for this evening 's discussion will be accredited with 100 minutes of Professionalism Content.

This tailored attitude to CPD is what a TLA Nutshell is all about: anticipating, meeting and satisfying our members’ needs. TLA Nutshells run in the evening, generally last a couple of hours, and offer CPD credits in a collegial, informal atmosphere. Our seminars are designed, written and presented by professionals from the Toronto legal community. We invite you to check out our fall line-up for other upcoming seminars and social events. Join us for interesting topics and great conversations, as well as the opportunity to meet up with friends and colleagues, new or old.

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