Joan Rataic-Lang

Want your articling student off to a great start? TLA's autumn line-up has something for everyone.

Coming up this fall we have a line up of CPD Nutshells that is sure to satisfy. We are reprising everything from our usual September series "Build a Better Student", which includes Court Orientation, Westlaw training, Head Start Program, Masters' Motions and Legal Writing.

Helping articling students get a strong start to their articles is the aim of our "Build a Better Student" series: Head Start Program, Masters' Motions, and Legal Writing. These three seminars, helmed by experts, aims to teach students at the beginning of their year what they might only come to realize at its end. A successful start means they can be that much more accomplished and effective as soon as possible in this most important year. Emphasis is on taking what had been academic ideas into the real world: quick, efficient research; effective memo writing; pitfalls to watch out for, and a judge to let articling students know exactly what will be expected of them should they appear in court. It's basically everything they weren't taught in law school, but need to survive outside it.

Tying everything up is Common Pitfalls and How to Avoid them for Licensing Candidates and Articling Principals. The articling experience introduces challenges unique to the role of both the articling student and articling principal. This program is designed to enhance the appreciation of actual or potential articling principals and students for those challenges. It will be followed by a Wine and Cheese social; a great opportunity to meet up with friends and colleagues to compare notes and experiences.

In order to ensure the information, tips and techniques imparted at our seminars speak to the our specific environment, students at our seminars are taught by experts from the Toronto community, with working knowledge of the Toronto legal world. All seminars take place downtown, in the TLA lounge, a casual yet intimate space.

For more information regarding content and registration, please see our website. While you are there check out some of the other seminars we'll be offering, or keep an eye out for your TLA Update every Tuesday in your email inbox.

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