Joan Rataic-Lang

Negotiate, mediate, litigate: Best practices in high conflict family law matters. September 26, 2018.

Are your files more Game of Thrones than Modern Family? If you answered yes, or even had to think about it for a second, this seminar is exactly what you need. Most family law files have at least some high-conflict moments (some lasting longer than others). Whether it’s the timing of the separation or intensity of the conflict, these encounters can hijack a family lawyer’s practice and leave lasting scars on all participants. How can you best sail these stormy seas?

There are a number of different approaches to handling high-conflict files, and the family lawyer must be ever discerning. From the moment a client walks into your office and sets out their issues, you need to know the most appropriate approaches available to attain the best outcome for your client:

• Negotiation is appropriate in certain cases.
• Mediation can be perfect in other cases.
• Or, should you litigate right away?

How do you decide, and what factors are important to consider? Our panel of experienced lawyers will answer these questions and help you understand the processes that are available throughout the life of a high-conflict file or one that becomes so.

Our speakers include Dr. Linda M. Ippolito, of Sheridan, Ippolito & Associates, who will be discussing negotiation; Michael Kleinman, of Kleinman Gordon Family Law, will talk about mediation; and, Cheryl Goldhart, Goldhart & Associates, will tackle the option of litigation. Moderating the evening will be Audrey Shecter, from Beard Winter LLP.

In a break from the usual, this seminar is being hosted by and held at the offices of Victory Verbatim Reporting Services Inc., Ernst & Young Tower, 222 Bay Street, Suite 900, Toronto. Registration begins at 5pm, with the seminar starting at 5:15pm. It has been accredited for 1 hour and 40 minutes of Professionalism Content.

This tailored attitude to CPD is what a TLA Nutshell is all about: anticipating, meeting and satifying our members’ needs. TLA Nutshells run in the evening, generally last a couple of hours, and offer CPD credits in a collegial, informal atmosphere. Our seminars are designed, written and presented by professionals from the Toronto legal community. We invite you to check out our fall line-up for other upcoming seminars and social events. Join us for interesting topics and great conversations, as well as meeting up with friends and colleagues, new or old.

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