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NearZero Discovery:

Looking for a self-service eDiscovery solution?

NearZero Discovery is excited to announce that it has now completed the implementation of VenioOne OnDemand (VOD) for immediate online access.

VOD augments our existing managed service offering by extending the platform to give you the control and convenience that so many within the legal profession have been seeking. 

With our OnDemand feature, you can now take control of your eDiscovery projects from start to finish. Simply Drag & Drop your collected data for uploading, then seamlessly move onto Processing, Analysis, Review, and final Production. It’s all at your fingertips!

A certain amount of information is required for the initial template set-up, and access, but once completed you’ll be able to quickly process and produce your own data, OnDemand!

In addition, NearZero Discovery has you covered if you need additional support, or the project grows beyond your original expectations by leveraging our VenioOne infrastructure and it's advanced features. As always, ensuring the most competitive pricing available.

If you have any questions or would like to arrange a demo of the VenioOne OnDemand solution, (or the VenioOne Web platform), please contact us or send us an email at

  NearZero Discovery is a registered trade name of REW Computing Inc. We have been providing eDiscovery support services since 2007 and have Certified eDiscovery Specialists on our team!

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