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Mills & Mills LLP: David A.S. Mills

Advertising for Estate Creditors Online – the future is now!

By David A.S. Mills

There can be little doubt that the future of many of our interactions – social and commercial – will be online. An Ontario Superior Court decision issued today confirms this applies to the administration of estates as well.

At the hearing of an Application brought by J. Paul Mills, Q.C., in his capacity as Estate Trustee of the Estate of Carroll Allen Dale, deceased, the Honourable Justice Conway issued Judgment confirming that the Applicant’s use of www.noticeconnect.com to publish notice to creditors online was appropriate notice under s.53(1) of the Trustee Act and that the Estate Trustee is therefore entitled to the liability protections of the legislation.

A copy of the Judgment, with the Notice to Creditors included at Schedule “A”, can be accessed here.

This is a win for all Estate Trustees looking for an effective and lower-cost alternative to traditional newspaper notices.

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