Michael Lerner

I am not going to do my CPD!

Really? That’s what Sidney Green said. The lawyer with over 60 years in practice refused to complete the mandatory CPD requirements pursuant to the Rules of the Law Society of Manitoba. Consistent with its Rules, the Law Society gave 60 days’ notice of an impending suspension and when Green continued to refuse to participate, administratively suspended his licence to practice.

Green applied to the Court of Queen’s Bench and when the relief he sought was denied, appealed to the Court of Appeal of Manitoba which upheld the decision below. Green v. Law Society of Manitoba, 2015 MBCA 67. The Court of Appeal found that the requirement was consistent with the Law Society’s mandate to regulate in the public interest and not penal as Green submitted. Green has been granted leave to appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada.

Not going to do your twelve hours? You may want to think again.

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