Faridah Nassali

Unsure how to plan so that you land an awesome articling position? FOLA has some tips!

Articling is one of the two experiential training paths put in place by the Law Society of Ontario as part of the requirements for becoming a licenced lawyer in Canada. It involves completing a ten-month placement with an approved principal.

Landing an articling position is a very competitive process and many law students find it very stressful. But with ample preparation, many challenges related to finding an articling position could be overcome.

Below are some of the important strategies that students can use to achieve better outcomes in their search for articling positions.

  • Build a credible resume: Every job starts with a resume. A Resume gives you an opportunity to showcase your skills and potential and a great resume can help distinguish you from the crowd.
  • Use your career offices: Career offices offer professional advice to make your more presentable professionally as well as useful leads and contacts for potential principles.
  • Have an online presence: Improve you online presence on social media (particularly on LinkedIn) to increase your visibility and attract traffic towards your profile.
  • Think small reap big: Small and rural law firms offer a great learning opportunity to articling student. So, venture in them during your search.
  • Network: Network and nurture relationships with potential principles. This should be a continuous endeavour.
  • Prepare, prepare and prepare for the interview: If you land yourself an interview, prepare for it. It will be evident if you show up for interview unprepared.
  • Follow up: It is critical to follow up after each interview. It shows that you are vigilant and interested in the opportunity. Also, try sending a hand written thank you note after your interview.

To learn more about sourcing and securing an articling position in Ontario, visit the Federation of Ontario Law Association’s resource page.

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