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CTL Law changing face of debt collection services

By using a tech-enabled, legal collection model, CTL Law is quickly increasing the standards of accountability in a field that has been previously tainted with negative aspects, says CTL president and CEO François Sauvageau.

CTL Law, a leading end-to-end provider of tech-enabled legal collection services, helps clients efficiently collect their debts with a model designed to accelerate settlements, minimize costs and ensure that litigation is a practical and viable option.

“By unbundling the non-legal aspects of collection operations, we can provide our services at a lower cost to clients than a law firm,” says Sauvageau, who is also an experienced litigator and counsel. “Yet, at the same time, we have the authority to commence legal action as opposed to a collections agency.”

CTL employs more than 55 full-time employees across its four offices in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver. The team includes in-house lawyers and virtual partners, paralegals and law clerks, as well as negotiators.

He notes that while virtual partners complement CTL's debt collection and litigation process, they do not drive the bus.

"All of our partners act under our strict control and supervision and must follow the timelines imposed by our highly centralized debt collection and litigation process," Sauvageau says. "They strictly work on our secured servers using our collection and litigation management platforms, which greatly enhances our control over their activities, the security of our clients’ information, and facilitates the real-time exchange of information between the various members of our team and our clients."

Sauvageau says CTL’s proprietary technology, Nucleus, is designed to transform the end-to-end legal collection process by allowing all actors involved throughout the process to share available information in real time and in one place for better results.

“At the moment, we know there’s no other Canadian law firm like this. We are the only known law firm offering first-party collection services in the country,” Sauvageau tells “There are collection law firms, but most have not adapted their model to add technology to a level that would allow them to handle thousands of accounts at the same time before the courts.”

Sauvageau says CTL’s structure is designed to leverage legal supervision, control and expertise from lawyers, while maximizing the use of highly trained non-lawyers in the legal collection process, all on a national scale.

Sauvageau says while it’s not easy to ask people who are in a financial difficulty to pay creditors, CTL is drastically changing how debtors are treated throughout the process.

“Debtors are treated in much more appropriate manner. Once the debtor understands that we’re not there to make their life more miserable, but actually help them, the results are astounding for the client,” he says.

In addition to collection services, CTL also offers legal demand letters, PPSA registration, enforcement proceedings, garnishments, writs of seizure and sale, writs of enforcement, enforcement of foreign judgments and repossession of assets.

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