Estates & Wills & Trusts

Client-first approach bolsters Black’s reputation

Whether he’s acting as counsel or mediator, Toronto wills and estates lawyer and mediator Howard Black has the same aim in mind.

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    Criminal Law

    Historic SCC hearings outside Ottawa ‘exciting’: Presser

    Canadians should be pleased that the nation’s top court is holding proceedings outside of Ottawa for the first time, says Toronto criminal lawyer Jill Presser, who will ... Read more

    Employment & Labour

    Decision preferring contractual over common law rights concerning

    Employees should be concerned by a recent Court of Appeal decision distinguishing between employment and shareholder rights, says Toronto employment lawyer Michael Wright. Read more

    Employment & Labour

    Fitness-for-work policy good alternative to drug testing: Howden

    Employers may be wondering if their workers are consuming drugs on the job, especially since marijuana became legal, but there are few instances where they can actually conduct ... Read more

    Personal Injury

    Burden of proof in wrongful death claims

    Ontario law provides an opportunity for compensation to some relatives following the wrongful death of a loved one, says Toronto personal injury and disability lawyer Nainesh ... Read more

    Estates & Wills & Trusts

    Top three reasons to make a will: Derfel

    Few people like to confront their own mortality, but Toronto trusts and estates lawyer David Derfel says the momentary discomfort of drafting a will is worth it in the long run. Read more

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    Advance preparation helps drive efficient business sales process

    Selling a business is a significant undertaking — but by doing advance preparation in-house in collaboration with a team of advisers, owner/managers can ensure the process ... Read more


    Legal advice during incorporation helps avoid ‘sleeper’ issues

    For B.C. business owners, it may seem simple and straightforward to self-incorporate online — but as Vancouver corporate lawyer Jonathan Reilly explains, there are several ... Read more

    Personal Injury

    Shatz understands both sides of personal injury claims

    Toronto personal injury lawyer Samantha Shatz exhibits the kind of serenity in front of a judge and jury that’s likely to unsettle her opponents. Read more

    Legal Supplier

    ATE insurance offers clients litigation protection: Robson

    After-The-Event (ATE) legal expense insurance can mitigate a client’s financial risks of litigation, says Nick Robson, vice-president and general counsel with the Toronto ... Read more

    Employment & Labour

    Be wary of termination agreements that limit entitlements

    People should always seek legal advice if they are asked to sign a termination agreement upon being hired since these contracts invariably favour the employer, says Toronto ... Read more


    Divorce Act ‘not meeting needs of children’: Ludmer

    The current system to decide child custody “is a complete failure,” Toronto family lawyer Brian Ludmer said during appearances before federal government hearings to ... Read more


    No ‘one-size-fits-all’ in custody matters: Tremain

    It’s unwise to make presumptions when it comes to deciding what’s best for a child in a custody case, says Toronto family lawyer Julia Tremain. Read more

    Criminal Law

    Naked B.C. man who jumped in Toronto shark tank pleads guilty to mischief

    TORONTO — A British Columbia man who stripped naked and jumped into a shark tank at a Toronto aquarium last year apologized for his actions Thursday as he pleaded guilty to ... Read more

    Class Action

    Class-actions can be effective in workplace harassment cases

    More class-action lawsuits relating to workplace harassment could be in the making, especially if the Supreme Court of Canada (SSC) decides to recognize harassment as a stand-alone ... Read more


    Creative problem-solving core to Dunn’s financial practice

    When Toronto financial services lawyer Timothy R. Dunn is handling a corporate restructuring or helping a company on the verge of bankruptcy, he doesn’t just think about the ... Read more

    Criminal Law

    Allocate funding wisely for gun reduction strategy: Dale

    The federal government’s pledge to provide $54 million over three years to support Ontario’s Guns, Gangs and Violence Reduction Strategy (GGVRS) will not amount to much ... Read more

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