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BridgePoint offers protection for personal injury claimants

BridgePoint Indemnity Company offers legal cost protection that helps people who have been seriously injured to obtain the settlement they deserve, says an animated informational video that appears on YouTube.

The nearly two-minute animation depicts a person who has been injured in a car crash and the difficulties that person could experience if he or she seeks compensation from an insurance company.

"When you've been seriously injured, the road to recovery can be a long one. With the help of your lawyer, you're hoping to get the compensation you need to get back on your feet," says the video. "Unfortunately, the legal process is also a long one because the large insurance company opposing your claim won't pay without a fight."

Most personal injury claims eventually settle out of court, the video says, but if an acceptable offer isn't made, the matter may go to trial.

"But going to trial involves risk and one of the biggest risks is that you'll have to pay the insurance company's legal costs if you lose – these costs can be tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars and can put your home or your life savings at risk, leaving you with nothing," it says. "It isn't a fair fight."

But with legal cost protection from BICO, claimants can find protection against the risk of having to pay the insurance company's legal costs and eliminate their "unfair advantage," says the video.

"Now you can push for the settlement you deserve."

The video says BICO offers easy-to-obtain protection with no upfront payment required.

"And if you lose, you pay (BICO) nothing," it says.

Company co-founder John Rossos has said BridgePoint is the only company of its kind in Canada that offers a completely integrated service for law firms and their clients to ensure fair access to justice by providing unique financing solutions to support the specialized needs of plaintiffs, their lawyers and the experts who develop their legal claims.

In 2009, BridgePoint became the first company in North America to successfully offer legal cost protection for class-action litigation with court approval. It has since extended its legal cost indemnity services to the personal injury market with the launch of BICO. Many of the top law firms in Canada are beginning to embrace legal cost protection and increasingly believe that if counsel fails to advise their clients of its existence it may lead to a professional negligence claim. There are a number of testimonials from leading counsel on BICO’s website describing the benefits of BICO’s legal cost protection services.

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