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Fertility clinic not responsible for greater social policies

A Calgary fertility doctor’s move to prevent a patient from receiving donor sperm from someone of a different race highlights the fact that it is unacceptable for a clinic to make broader social policy, Toronto fertility lawyer Sara Cohen tells the Globe and Mail.

As the article reports, the privately-owned Regional Fertility Program “refused to help a woman become impregnated with sperm from a donor who did not share her skin colour.” In a statement, the clinic explained that this was the opinion of the doctor and “a ban on creating mixed-race babies that was in place for decades was removed last year,” says the article.

In Alberta and several other provinces, the Globe reports, it is up to doctors within fertility clinics to set parameters and decide which procedures are in the best interest of patients.

Cohen tells the Globe that while she assumes the clinic had good intentions and was looking out for what it considered to be the best interests of the child, “it is inappropriate for a clinic to make greater social policy for a province.”

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