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Branding is about creating a feeling

Branding a law firm is about evoking a certain feeling that sets the tone for a legal practice, Toronto fertility lawyer Sara Cohen tells Lawyers Weekly.

She's quoted in an article about branding law firms to set them apart from the others. Lawyers Weekly looks at the issue of marketing a firm as a business – something that never used to be part of the dialogue amongst those in the legal profession. But these days, lawyers have accepted that there is a business side to their trade, and many are turning to branding experts to help distinguish them from the pack, says the article.

And it's a topic that continues to spur generous debate between those who think messaging should only apply to a practice area, or star lawyers, and those who see benefit in a unifying tagline, says Lawyers Weekly.

For Cohen, founder of Fertility Law Canada and a partner at D2Law LLP, branding herself and her firm was important, in order to distinguish herself from the competition while making it clear that she takes a collaborative approach to the practice of surrogacy and fertility law.

“I wanted it to set the tone, that [fertility law], it’s a little bit more collaborative,” she tells the publication.

The firm came up with the tagline “Fertility Law Canada: helping to build families” and enlisted the help of a designer for the logo.

“Something that differentiates me in what I do is a lot of care, and a lot of caring. It’s an ethically difficult area in which I practise, and I think what I do can be really dignified and be really respectful and respectable…working together collaboratively, I wanted to get that across.”

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