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Pro bono project an important way to give back

Reflecting on her work with one of Pro Bono Students Canada’s most sucessful and long-standing projects – the PBSC Wills Project – Toronto estate lawyer Mary Wahbi tells Continuum Magazine giving back to the community in this way has helped her flourish professionally.

Wahbi, partner with Fogler Rubinoff LLP, is recognized in the article with former partner Karen Yolevski – both alumni of Osgoode Hall Law School – for their role in the operation of the organization.

"As the legal firm partner for the Wills Project, which is run with the support of PBSC chapters at Osgoode Hall Law School and the University of Toronto Faculty of Law, Wahbi and Yolevski develop precedent materials, run training sessions, mentor and supervise PBSC students, recruit other estate lawyers to the project, and personally take on dozens of clients on a pro bono basis," the article says.

The PBSC Wills Project began at Osgoode in the 1990s and now runs in six Canadian cities, the report says, noting PBSC student volunteers work with pro bono lawyers to draft wills and powers of attorney for low-income clients who do not have the resources to pay for legal assistance with estate planning.

“We believe that being involved in this project has helped us stay grounded, be more well-rounded professionals, and give to the community in general and to the legal community," Wahbi says in the article.

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