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Decision sends message to illegal downloaders

Voltage Pictures LLC is carving new ground as it continues down a path paved by a recent Federal Court decision ordering Internet service provider TekSavvy Solutions Inc. to release the names of 2,000 suspected illegal downloaders, Toronto lawyer James Zibarras says in Law Times.

The court forced TekSavvy to release the information to Zibarras’ client Voltage Pictures LLC, removing Canadians’ ability to hide behind Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. Read Prior Story

“Stealing is stealing and it always will be stealing. We are not standing by and allowing the diminution of property rights but we knew there would be a lot of legwork involved,” Zibarras, partner with Brauti Thorning Zibarras LLP, says in Law Times.

In an article discussing the wider impacts of Voltage Pictures LLC v. John Doe and Jane Doe, Zibarras says, “It doesn’t matter whether the damages are $100 or $5,000. It’s the message it sends out.”

He says the decision sends a message to illegal downloaders, noting, “We hope that someone will hesitate where before they wouldn’t have, and as we go down the track, we hope that even more people will hesitate.”

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